Яна Рудковская: «Батурин сказал, что хочет видеть детей» The producer told about the relationship with her ex-husband. Yana Rudkovskaya admitted that coming out of prison, her ex-husband Viktor Baturin have revised their views. Now the businessman deals with his sons, making them gifts and sends sweets to the younger heir Yana Sasha Plushenko.

      Яна Рудковская: «Батурин сказал, что хочет видеть детей»

      Producer Yana Rudkovskaya already several years old happily married to Olympic champion in figure skating Evgeny Plushenko. The couple has three children – four-year-old Sasha and Yana’s two sons from the marriage with businessman Viktor Baturin Kohl and Andrew.

      Despite the fact that during the process of divorce, Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin broke a lot of copies, today, the producer admits to not hold a grudge against her ex-husband and glad he communicates with his sons, whom he divorce took the ex-wife. The boys returned to mother’s home in November 2011, when their father was arrested on charges of fraud. Viktor Baturin spent several years in prison, a year ago, was released and almost immediately called Jan asking to see the kids.

      Яна Рудковская: «Батурин сказал, что хочет видеть детей»“Viktor said that he would like to see the kids. I said, please, – said Yana Rudkovskaya in interview to the program “the Secret of the million” TV channel NTV. – If the boys want him to stay for the weekend to celebrate the New year – please. The concept of maintenance we have. I write him, how much of what you need and he always sends money. Viktor spoil children, buy them things, watch gives. The relationship we have to establish as soon as he was released from prison. And I’m glad he changed his views. He saw that the children are fine, they learn well, play sports. Everyone is happy. He and a Dwarf Gnomic sends a cookie, then asks, “how’s your blond small, eat the cookie? Like it?”

      Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva was surprised at this attitude Yana Rudkovskaya to her ex-husband, remembering how he fought the spouses during the divorce as Baturin sued Yana’s sons, and she could see them only on weekends. Talking about that period of his life, the producer was not able to hold back the tears.

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      Яна Рудковская: «Батурин сказал, что хочет видеть детей»“I took more than 200 vessels. He promised me that I will only have donkey ears, and so with them I live, – said Yana Rudkovskaya. – Baturin has spent huge amounts of money to fight me, he unjustly served. He was involved in the war with me, and began to make mistake after mistake. But money is one thing. What nerves had been spent. It was hell”.

      Rudkovskaya admitted that he tried to erase all the bad things that happened in her life from 2007 to 2011. “I can’t say that I forgave, but I did let go – that’s for sure,” concluded Ian.