Евгений Смирнов отказался от участия в шоу «Минута славы» после скандала с жюри The dancer, who was criticized by judges of the music program, received an apology from Vladimir Pozner and Renata Litvinova. Despite the fact that celebrity has publicly expressed regret over the incident, the young man decided not to continue to participate in the show.

      Евгений Смирнов отказался от участия в шоу «Минута славы» после скандала с жюри

      Evgeny Smirnov and Alain Deneva become participants of the program “Minute of fame”. A show transfer, released in early March, Vladimir Pozner and Renata Litvinova has reacted ambiguously to dance duet. Eugene, who in 2012 lost his leg after a terrible accident, did not give up and continued to do what he likes. Despite the difficulties, a man dances without a prosthesis, and it turns out he’s great. He actively attends various auditions, which tries their own hand along with other members.

      Behavior and Posner Litvinova has provoked a scandal in social networks

      But his appearance on “Minute of glory” has caused contradictory reactions from two members of the jury. Renata Litvinova called Smirnova “amputee”, and Vladimir Pozner felt that to rate Eugene objectively impossible. “When a man goes out as you, without feet, it is impossible to say no. There is no protection against this – well, simply forces are not present” – so has explained its position presenter. But the opinion of the judges has caused a wave of indignation among users of the Network. After learning about a series of frustration among fans, Posner and Litvinov during the recording of the next live apologized.

      Vladimir Pozner said that I had failed to convey his position, which he did not understand, and dancer, and the audience. Initially, the broadcaster said that the participation of the disabled in competition like a forbidden technique, which is a means of manipulation. Renata Litvinova, in turn, apologized for the use of medical terminology in the context of statements in the past, the air seemed unreasonable and rude, and therefore led to outrage on the part of Network users.

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      “You understand that I never meant to offend you when I said what I said? I told you that I admire you. I would love to see you further in the project. I want to apologize for what I said but for the fact that I was misunderstood,” said Posner in a special edition of the program.

      Interestingly, fans of “minute of fame” in the words of Renata Litvina was confused not to use the word “amputee”, and the idea of using Smirnov two feet. “I know that in our country, that is, of course, it’s hard to be man amputee… But about forbidden moments, of course… But maybe you this, to fasten the second, she may not be so obviously absent?” – explained his point of view, the star in a controversial issue. Note that after the transfer the management “the First channel” has decided to fire the producer, who imposed the installation on the footage.