Нумеролог: «Анастасия Костенко полюбила Дмитрия Тарасова за деньги» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of young people. According to the expert, young model their plans on these relations. Moreover, according to the calculations of women, Tarasov and Kostenko are perfect for each other, but because this Union is likely to be very strong.

      Conversations around the divorce of TV presenter Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov footballer not cease for six months. According to rumors, the cause of the breakup of the star couple was the relationship of a man with a 22-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code and the girls Tarasova, who on March 18 will be 30 years old, and made a forecast for their future.

      “Nastya was born in “the day of the observer,” says Clara. Her life code – 3710336 says that she’s the host of a sign of fame and a very purposeful lady. She has a high attachment to material: Paradise in a tent is not for Kostenko. She has hypnotic powers and is able to get people to think as it is beneficial. Cunning and beautiful, intelligent, dreaming of the sweet life and ambitious, she had been looking for a man who will show her a better life. It is not surprising that this she has met in 22 years – the age of the model is crucial”.

      According to the expert, the young fiancee of the athlete, despite not having much life experience, will be able to build a relationship with him so that his faults are not to bother her.

      Tarasov pulled on holiday for Kostenko thousand euros

      “With Tarasov it is not by chance, with the player girl associates not only calculation. His life code – 3710358 means that he and Anastasia are perfect for each other. They are two halves of the same Apple, they have the same first four digits of the life code. When you meet such people, not important nor age, nor religion, nor nationality, they will still be together. Dima has a bad character, but calm and far-sighted Kostenko able to do so, unlike the ex-wife of footballer Oli, honest and open girl, not capable in the relations to be elaborate and tricky. If the rude and scattered around the apartment socks Dima called Oli outrage, patient Nastya looks at it all through your fingers”.

      As you know, the scandalous gap with Dmitry Tarasov was given to Olga Buzova is very difficult. Even now, despite the fact that enough time has passed, we cannot say that the media personality has finally recovered. According to numerology, she should let go of this story and forgive the former spouse.

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      “Ola can’t blame her husband of infidelity because he couldn’t go against nature. Between him and Nastya broke out passion, and to curb its Tarasov was not. Nastya and Dima will be together for many years. They even have a chance to live together until old age, because Kostenko will do anything to save the Union. Even the fact that Tarasov will sometimes ignore it, not turn away the girl from him, because otherwise he is very happy with her”.