Яна Поплавская обвинила программу «ДНК» во лжи Actress outraged by what is happening on the set. Yana Poplavskaya became the guest of the transfer, which discussed the story of a polygamist with 12 children. The kids started to ask inappropriate questions that caused the outburst of the star.

In the beginning of this week NTV started the show “DNA”. Leading the project was Alexander Colloway. The heroes of the new transmission – the usual family, for which a DNA test is the only way to stop discord among family members. Thanks to genetic analysis, guests of the program establish paternity and to require the payment of alimony, to confirm the relationship and to reconnect with loved ones, to determine the legal heirs and to learn more about their ancestors.

Experts show there are often celebrity guests. They Express their opinion about the situation and give the advice to the heroes. In one of the issues attended Ksenia Novikova and Yana Poplavskaya. “Was very outrageous theme of the polygamist! More than three hours in the Studio, the screaming, the bickering, misunderstandings, explanations and so on”, – shared his impressions of the singer in the microblog.

The role of red riding hood has been tuned more aggressively. She left a long post on the social network page where said that faced with deception on the part of the editors of the show.

“About the test on the amount of shit the vile disaster. Yesterday I came to the program “DNA” is supposedly about the children’s father (of 12 children), which is not recognized 13 baby! Looks like this story actually. A certain Ivan, the smug jerk, said that he lives with five wives, calls himself an Orthodox and a believer, supporting it by the argument that marriage with one of his wives venchanie. Then the hero of the program reports that he lives in an apartment with 4 wives and 12 children living with him in the same area. Wives he has a schedule that he set,” – said Poplavskaya.

Throughout the programme presenter asked, as the man decides which of women spending the night. However, the issue of education of children show host Alexander Colloway never raised.

“What happens next, has no name. In the Studio lead eight minors! And presenter of the program, sitting down in front of a tiny 4-year-old child, Suzuka asks how life is for all kids with the same dad and moms, does baby, what’s the name of his personal mother! I could not believe my eyes and ears! I was shocked that everything in the Studio guests were silent, even when I stopped the recording of the program and addressing to a hall, editors, producers, host of the program asked, how dare they manipulate children, putting them in front of the entire country on national television for the sake of the rating,” continued Ian.

According to Poplavskaya, such a behavior of adults of journalists was unacceptable. She believes that this situation should pay attention to the guardianship. “But these children exhibited like circus monkeys in the background of the monster-father and three already again pregnant women who are called moms! No matter that children go to kindergartens and senior high school, no matter what happens to them after this program. I will not be silent, even if all shut up! So it is impossible to live, so you can stop being human,” says the star. Fans have supported her point of view.