Алексей Серебряков: «Отнял у мужчины дочь только потому, что полюбил его женщину» The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Alexey Serebryakov openly talked about foster sons, and also told why they refused the blood heirs.
Алексей Серебряков: «Отнял у мужчины дочь только потому, что полюбил его женщину»

Aleksey Serebryakov acted in many famous films and serials: “Leviathan”, “Method”, “penal battalion”, “the vein-was one woman”… With his wife Maria actor lived here for almost 30 years, the couple has three children. Daughter Daria and two adopted sons, Daniel and Stephen.

Serebryakov admitted that led Mary away from the family. Despite the fact that she already had one year old daughter Dasha. The actor told how he decided to connect his life with the “foreign” woman.

“Yes, it was a big problem. I knew this man, her husband, in absentia. I had to take male one year old daughter only because of his love for his woman,” said Serebryakov.

In 1990, Alexei and Maria were married. Serebryakov gladly accepted the daughter of beloved woman with another man, although he wanted to have common heirs. The couple did not work. Then the actor decided to adopt a child from the orphanage. “For the love of Masha I refused to have the blood of children,” shared the actor.

Alex asked the wife to find the boy whom they could adopt. Maria started to go to orphanages, in one of them she saw the kid who was alone, did not communicate with other students.

“Mary said there is a boy, he’s very young, very weak, unsociable, but she liked. I came to the orphanage. Guys walking on the street, I come… To me the crowd rushes, everyone says, “Take me!” It’s hard to see… so I sat down, and my peripheral vision I see: a typewriter sits a bug…” – recalled Alex.

The boy approached towards the actor and embraced him. After a touching experience with the baby Serebryakov decided to adopt the baby. So the family of the artist came the first son Stepan.

Алексей Серебряков: «Отнял у мужчины дочь только потому, что полюбил его женщину»

Since then, Alex began to help the orphanages, he was delivering diapers. In one of the institutions, the actor met with a second child. In recognition Serebryakova, Daniel was a very troubled kid.

“Masha came to one children’s home, talked with the Director, admitted that we already have adopted. Entered, apparently, some kind of teacher. She made a photocopy of it, left the room, and five minutes later brings the boy,” – said serebrjakov.

Alex remembered that three year old couldn’t even smile. The teacher forced him to depict the joy on his face – that he liked the potential adoptive parents.

“He was a very heavy boy. The fact that we got him when he was three and a half years. He did not eat from the plate, eating from the ground. The doctors put him a variety of diagnoses… To school he went for the mentally retarded,” recalled the actor.

Today Daniel is one of the best students in the class. A young man fluent in English and perfectly draws.

Alex also explained why several years ago together with his family went to Canada. According to him, he wanted his children to learn a foreign language, saw another country and culture.

By the way, Serebryakov worked with Oleg Tabakov. But between the actor and the master there was a creative conflict, Alex left the theatre. The actor said as he received the news of the death of Oleg Pavlovich.

“It’s horrible, it’s terrible… it’s Sad and tragic when people of such scale leaves. He was a man under the spell of which you can’t resist. Of course, it is a tragedy…”

Serebryakov admitted that Oleg Pavlovich still made it up with him a few years ago, after the release of the film “Leviathan”. The master was delighted with the painting and gave myself a reward, Alex.