Болезнь сына расстроила планы Дмитрия Шепелева On Saturday the boy is five years old. On the eve of the birthday of Platon Dmitry Shepelev told about it in social networks. According to the presenter, the boy repeatedly thwarted journey together with his father because of a cold.

7 APR son Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske Plato will be five years. On the eve of important dates famous TV presenter spoke about his heir in Instagram. Shepelev admitted that the boy was often sick. Due to the poor health of the child, his father had several times to cancel long-awaited journey together.

“My son is soon five. Now every time when planning a journey with him, flying, leisure or entertainment, I keep in mind “well, not a fact”. Probably every parent has been through this: purchased tickets, booked the hotel, procured a ticket for any Disney, LEGO, or any other land, organized machine accompanying, balloons, cake, gifts and even a mattress. One day before departure. Or even better: the night before departure and… temperature. And instead of flight – taxi to the pharmacy, and instead of cotton candy – Panadol. I have experienced this three times already”, – said Dmitry.

As told TV presenter, the boy quietly refers to the change of plans. In the case when Plato suddenly falls ill, he asks to reschedule to another date.

“And each time before the trip. I’m sure you know what I mean. We all think it only happens to us. This is not so. It’s a shame of course, but does that really matter?! Son once said: “we will Not cancel, let’s just do it”. What is he wise! I never cease to be surprised. Thanks, I tell him. – For what? – For what you’ve brought to my life in order. Your right. When everything happens on time, and when you actually need! And happiness, of course, also thank you. Absolute happiness is not important in Legoland or with a Cup of raspberry tea for cough,” said the baby’s father.

Earlier, the father of Zhanna Friske said that Dmitry Shepelev took the son to his home in Belarus. According to Vladimir Borisovich, the boy is in the private house of the parents of TV presenter near Minsk. The lawyer of relatives of Jeanne made a formal complaint and sent it Shepelevo. “According to the Family code of the Russian Federation it is not the legitimate Pope of Plato, as it is not married with the singer – explained the lawyer “StarHit”. – After the baby is born it is officially recognized by the mother. To get the status of the father, Dmitry, together with Joan had to submit to the Registrar a statement of paternity, which never happened. So, he can’t be a guardian of the boy.”

In another interview with Vladimir Friske complained of soreness of Plato. Jeanne’s father noticed that the boy often gets colds. As suggested by Mr Miller, the presenter is not followed properly for the child. In addition, according to the parents of the artist, friends of Dmitry has no time to engage baby. Therefore, Vladimir Borisovich believes that another family hamper Plato to develop normally.

Vladimir Friske Dmitry Shepelev accused of the mistreatment of the son

At the same time, Dmitry Shepelev refuses to comment on such information. The presenter prefers not to speak about difficult relations with parents of Jeanne.