Miguel: “Alla Pugacheva allowed himself obscene things”

Мигель: «Алла Пугачева позволяла себе неприличные вещи» The actor spoke about working together with Russian pop Diva. Once Miguel was closely associated enough with Alla Pugacheva, but then stopped working. Miguel called the famous singer Queen and noted that she had a special relationship in show business.
Мигель: «Алла Пугачева позволяла себе неприличные вещи»

35-year-old choreographer Miguel was a guest of the YouTube show “And talk?”. The actor told a leading on the work in the project “DANCING” and immersive show “the Returned”, relationship with your loved ones, but also remember the cooperation with Alla Pugacheva. At the time, Miguel, then a member of the fifth season of “American idol,” was named the favorite prima Donna of the Russian stage. One time the young man often chatted with the star, but over time their paths diverged.

Miguel put a cross at work with Alla Pugacheva

The choreographer noted that many artists are “old school” do not allow themselves to act up on the set and arguing with the Director. However, Alla Pugacheva from colleagues very different attitude. According to the dancer, the singer “much allow.” Miguel hinted that the Diva can dictate their terms to others.

“She’s the Queen, allowed themselves to disgusting things. Don’t want to rake up the past, it was a long time ago. Maybe she was crazy… – said the choreographer. She’s on a lot that is pressed”.
Мигель: «Алла Пугачева позволяла себе неприличные вещи»

To the question about who of the actors was unpleasant to work with, Miguel replied, “Maxim Averin”. According to the dancer, the star of the film “Capercaillie” crossing the border communication with colleagues. Therefore, the actor is not easy to be on the same site. “The way he behaves with the team, with Directors, how it allows itself to communicate with the producers…” explained the choreographer.

According to Miguel, many of his colleagues in show business don’t want to put in the effort, when it comes to work. The artist drew a parallel between the Russian and foreign stars are not in favor of domestic celebrities.

“They’re lazy. I think that will play into its popularity, and that’s all. Money have a lot, just too lazy. (…) The Basques did a show and doesn’t understand why it’s not for sale. You have at least one new song sung for the last 10 years? That people go, what they want to hear? “Natural blond”, only in gold? Well okay. They don’t produce anything, you know. Not working to produce music,” said the dancer.

Miguel noticed that the West can spend years working on one album. “Every day sitting in the Studio and realizing that their sound”, he added. At the same time, many Russian artists, noted dancer, love too much money and requires attention.

“Father, who are you? I have one story about how Irina Ponarovskaya herself makeup in the dressing room, and then into the next room bursts into one great Russian star and begins: “Where are my chairs? Flowers? Why no alcohol?” Ponarovskaya hear this trash, knocking on the door and said, “Sorry, but you’re Michael Jackson, you know?” He replied: “of Course.” And Ponarovskaya him: “does he like you?” – said Miguel.