Yagudin talked about novels with careful and Savelyeva

Ягудин заговорил о романах с Бережной и Савельевой The skater admits that is always popular with the opposite sex. Alexei Yagudin met with many famous girls, but happiness is found only near Tatiana Totmjanina. Now the man never ceases to confess his love to his wife.
Ягудин заговорил о романах с Бережной и Савельевой

Alexei Yagudin and Tatiana Totmianina are one of the most beautiful pairs of domestic sports. The couple raise their two daughters and are incredibly happy together. The man, however, was not always so faithful in the relationship. In the program “the Secret to a million,” he told about numerous novels.

According to Yagudin, he first thought about getting married, at the age of 19. Then the skater wanted to propose to Elena Berezhnaya.

“I even bought the ring and put his coach Tatiana Tarasova. However, we have not developed, and I have this ring and later gave it to another girl, also a figure skater from Japan,” recalled Alex.

The man doesn’t deny that there has always been favored by female attention, but he was frightened at the responsibility. That is why the relationship Yagudin was not over something serious. The novel Tatiana Totmyanina began unexpectedly for both athletes. According to the star couple, between them slipped a spark, and soon they started to live together.

“I remember when I was 12 years old, we were at the event. It came to Alex and asked me, as he put it “sweat”. Of course, I kicked him out, but it was children’s games, pranks. Then Yagudin was an unattainable ideal for me. All the girls were in love with him, and I didn’t even think about any relations. Where Yagudin and where I am. Many years later, relations began to spin, everything was very good, but one day he Packed up and left. Alex then scared,” said Tatiana.

Alex did not deny that he was afraid of responsibility and were not ready to start a family. The couple broke up, and soon Yagudin began to meet with the soloist of group “Factory” Alexandra Savelieva. For Totmjanina it was a real blow, because her feelings have not disappeared. Skaters worked together all the time overlap. That is, in the opinion of the athlete, was the cause of the restoration of a romantic relationship.

“Tanya appeared boyfriend, and then I leaped pride. I decided to bring her back by any means. Began to give gifts, passed letters, brought her balloons and flowers. Soon we again began to communicate and live together,” – said Yagudin.

The man was difficult to decide on paternity. According to the skater, he had been discouraged his wife from pregnancy, but in 2009 they still had a daughter Elizabeth. Now both daughters are the main joy of Olympic Champions. Caring parents try to give children a better education and hold them every free minute.

According to Alexey, he is absolutely happy in marriage. It is in relationship with Tatiana, he found everything that he had dreamed for many years.