Вячеслав Добрынин помог Азизе обрести личное счастье The actress recalled the difficult life period.Aziz then broke up with her lover and was very upset because of this. It is a new smash hit of the famous composer saved the relationship with the singer from collapse.
Вячеслав Добрынин помог Азизе обрести личное счастье

Vyacheslav Dobrynin wrote hundreds of songs for the most famous artists of Russia. His love songs around the world, and the composer himself was not going to slow down the creative momentum. He writes new songs, which are sometimes even change people’s lives.

In the program “hi, Andrew”, dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of creative activity Dobrynin, the singer Aziz told as a song composer has influenced her personal happiness.

“We then met on the birthday of Larisa Rubalskaya. I was approached Slava and asked how I was doing on the personal front. I’m still so surprised, because I’m not his type, too brash and noisy. Well, I said that I broke up with a loved one, are experiencing because of this. After that, he gave me the song “Not forget”. There are such words: “don’t forget that there is a way back”. And that’s my man I heard this song, and everything was fine. I still Glory grateful,” said Aziz.

Now she is absolutely happy in the relationship. He Dobrynin didn’t know what was his contribution to the personal life of the artist. However in the program he was glad for Aziz and her lover.

The composer himself for many years happy with wife Irina. The couple married more than three decades, but not tired to confess to one another in love. According to Dobrynin, their relationship developed rapidly, and he knew immediately that he wanted to spend with this woman the rest of my life.

“We were in some restaurant with Lev Leshchenko. But I left there, and next to me sits a girl. She invited me to the white dance. We talked, and then twirled. We started to chat, and soon lived together,” recalled Dobrynin.
Вячеслав Добрынин помог Азизе обрести личное счастье

Irina tries to help a famous husband. It is often accompanied by the composer at performances and during tours. But with his beloved daughter Catherine Dobrynin seen not often. The heiress stars living in United States. However, for the program “Hello, Andrew,” she came to Russia with her daughter.

As it turned out, the granddaughter of the composer is also interested in music. However, Sofia is more interested in classical, and not pop direction. The girl is even going to enter the Conservatory.

“Now Katya process of finding an appropriate school for Sofia. I thought we agreed that they would choose the Russian Academy of arts, and granddaughter move in closer to me,” said the composer.

Now Dobrynin is already not so active, but he continues to write songs that become popular. Fans are sure that the composer is still a lot of creative plans, which means that it will continue to delight them with bright hits.