Зена и Габриэль станут лесбиянками в ремейке «Зены — королевы воинов»

In the film adaptation of the TV series “Xena, warrior Princess” we will be asked to look at the main characters not only as warriors, but as two involved with each other friends.

As stated in several international journals, a storyline where Xena and her faithful companion Gabrielle are in love, will attract a much larger audience, because this turn of events certainly didn’t expect fans of the popular 90’s series.

The writer of the remake (the Creator of the popular CW series “the Hundred” / The 100, which also was gay-free) has already stated that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers. Here’s how he explained his decision: “No reason to return begat x: WP and at the same time not to explore fully the relationships in the nineties it was possible to show only hints. New Xena expresses my view of the world, that is happening now.”

Obviously, fans with a large sigh of relief when they learn that his role won’t return the original castLucy lawless and Renee O’connor. Mistresses-warriors in a new “Xena” will play other Actresses whose names we will know very soon.

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