Nikas Safronov commented on fatal traffic accident involving son

Никас Сафронов прокомментировал смертельное ДТП с участием сына

Last weekend the son of the artist Nikas Safronov became involved in a traffic accident in which killed a pensioner.

Luka Zatravkin was driving through Moscow at night, without breaking the rules and under the speed limit, however, the accident took place due to which he died a 72-year-old woman. Luke fled the scene of the accident, continues to actively communicate with the police and journalists.

“I was sober. After a pedestrian crossing over two meters, unfortunately, ran over the woman. She hit the car on the left side. This is also true. I have mountain. I don’t know how to live. She is 72 years old. I had a grief, tragedy struck. I did everything I could”, — said Zatravkin to the press.

Meanwhile, Luca’s father is also upset by everything that happened. For the first time after the accident, the artist commented on the tragic accident: “to Say I’m sorry? I’m sorry about that, as any normal father, a citizen, a man. It is a pity that women did not? I’m very sorry, you cannot pick up even by accident, even if it’s aged, even if she is 98 years old. It’s her right”.

The investigation into this accident continues.


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