Вуди Аллен одобрил дебютный фильм Марины Орловой The actress released a short film “Hello! I am the producer of woody Allen,” for which she wrote the script. Filming took place last autumn in Rome. According to Orlova, her film will be shown in European theaters, as the picture has made an indelible impression on the famous Director.

      Вуди Аллен одобрил дебютный фильм Марины Орловой

      Over 12 years of experience in the film actress Marina Orlova has managed to pull in more than four dozen paintings. On account of its role in such popular projects as: the films of Stanislav Govorukhin “Weekend” and “Passenger”, “dudes”, serials “Interns”, “Margot”, “Barvikha”, “undercover”, and many others.

      It is noteworthy that the film “Native people” directed by Igor shkurina, in which Marina played a major role favorite show mom Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. But Orlov decided not to stop there. Three years ago, 30-the summer native of Pyatigorsk in Hollywood – it was approved for the main role in the film “White crow”. And last year, the graduate of the YEAR-them.Shchukin got the idea to try yourself as a screenwriter.

      “I always wanted to star in the woody Allen film,” says Marina. – So I decided that my debut film will have him. Some days I wrote a script telling about the Russian tourist, who tries in Italy to get to the premiere of the film woody. But the photographers are taking her for a celebrity, start taking pictures and asking for autograph. And then walks up to her Italian, which is the producer of woody Allen”.
      Вуди Аллен одобрил дебютный фильм Марины Орловой

      Debut Orlova is called: “Hello! I am the producer of woody Allen”. Shooting short films lasting 15 minutes took place last autumn in Rome, the main role in them was played by Marina herself, and a famous Italian actor Rodolfo Corsato. Also worked on the film crew of a famous Director MATEO Garrone, who personally directed several scenes of the picture.

      First experience Orlova has been so successful that it was chosen for screening at the Cannes film festival in 2016. This fact contributed to the fact that he is woody Allen learned that the actress made a film with an unusual name.

      “Due to the fact that woody was also presented at the festival his new film, his representatives on the website saw in Cannes will show the film “Hello! I am the producer of woody Allen”. They contacted me, asked to come to Los Angeles and show them a picture of what I actually did. The short film they liked me and gave permission for its display at cinemas of Europe” – says Marina.

      The girl was also able to personally communicate with your favorite Director. “It happened at the festival, – says Orlova. – I was taken to Allen, presented… He was very active for his 80 years. Woody said that I had taken, as he put it, an unusual film. He also suggested that I visit the shooting of his new series and of course, I accepted his invitation. On the set he came up to me and said, “I was told that you starred in a huge number of movies. Are you interesting to sit here and watch? Are there any differences from the work of Russian Director on films from ours?” I honestly was a little taken aback, but we had a nice visit”.

      But this gift of fate is not over – this morning, Marina learned that Nikita Mikhalkov has approved the participation of her paintings at the Moscow international film festival in 2016.

      “For me the festival is much more important than Cannes, where the premiere of my paintings, because despite the fact that the film is Italian, my Motherland Russia!” – said Marina.

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