Михаил и Евгения Грушевские отпраздновали день рождения сына In a Moscow restaurant held a celebration on the occasion of the birthday of the son of Mykhailo Hrushevsky. Junior Misha at the event was not, he was at home with grandma and grandpa. Year-old baby presented with developmental games, cars and scooter. The last gift was so like his father that he at the time rented transport my son to drive.

      Михаил и Евгения Грушевские отпраздновали день рождения сына

      A year ago Mikhail Hrushevsky and Eugene became parents. The birth of little Misha became a couple for the happy event, and now, thinking of the period when he was not yet born, the couple do not understand how they lived before. On the occasion of the first birthday of the son the couple had organized a party restaurant in Erwin, where he invited close friends. Guest of honour was Nelly Kobzon.

      “Dibrovy, Syutkini, Zhvanetsky gave greetings on the phone, and Vladimir Vinokur has recorded a video message, – has shared with “StarHit” Hrushevsky. – Misha himself at this time was at home with grandma and grandpa.”

      Parents Hrushevsky Jr. literally overwhelmed with gifts, and very useful. Among the gifts: educational games, clothes to grow into, and certificates in fashion, baby stores, cars, scooter.

      “We also gave a foldable wheelchair, a cane,” adds Eugene. – Soon we use it for other purposes when flying in Sochi. He lucked out with me. I got a sea of flowers and beautiful decoration – gift friends. And Michael the older toys perepalo. He enjoyed dissecting donated by the son of the scooter at the apartment.”
      Михаил и Евгения Грушевские отпраздновали день рождения сына

      According to Eugenia, now Mike-Junior – blue-eyed blonde. While the family wonders, in whom, because both sides are brunettes. But perhaps, little else will change. As they say Hrushevsky, Michael developed for his year. The happy parents are trying to give the child absolute freedom, and it concerns even very important issues. So, for example, not long ago, the couple admitted that their heir will choose faith when I come of age. Therefore, with the christening decided not to rush.

      Михаил и Евгения Грушевские отпраздновали день рождения сына“My husband and I believe that growing up, the child must understand that he has the right of choice, – has shared with “StarHit” Eugene Grushevskogo. – This also applies to his future Hobbies, education, profession, and religion. Our primary parental task is to make his horizons as broad as possible, so he was knowledgeable and easily adapted in the society. Now we gather for him a large children’s library, which has tales of the world, and stories associated with major world religions.”

      The idea is to give the child the right to choose their own faith came to Hrushevskoho even before his birth. For example, the very Eugene was baptized at the age of 15, when she already had your own opinion on the matter. Together with her were baptized and mom. Interestingly, the Mykhailo Hrushevsky and does not adhere to a particular creed, but with great respect for believers.

      Михаил и Евгения Грушевские отпраздновали день рождения сына
      Михаил и Евгения Грушевские отпраздновали день рождения сына

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