Денис Матросов назвал сына в честь деда The baby was born at Easter, 1 may. The actor and his girlfriend Olga celebrates the first month of a son who has already received a birth certificate. In the document it is written that the boy’s name is Feodor Denisovich Sailors.

      Денис Матросов назвал сына в честь деда

      Denis Matrosov and his fiancee Olga became parents on 1 may. Personally, the actor told his fans about the new addition to the family on the page in Instagram. The baby was born healthy, weighing 3530 grams and growth of 50 centimeters. Sailors were present at the birth, supporting his beloved, and when the child was born, took a picture of a happy face Olga.

      Parents still haven’t shown my son’s face. Denis periodically puts family pictures with walks with the baby. A few hours ago showed the Sailors, which they hold with Olga on the birth certificate of the child. In the caption, the actor said, as they called the baby.

      “We are today 1 month! Dispel the intrigue in the international children’s day! To us, it is Fyodor Denisovich Matrosov! Fedor is translated from the Greek as “God-given”. And how could it be otherwise? Son born in Easter, may 1! My favorite grandfather wore this beautiful name, Losev Fedor Akimovich. Senior evening, Ivan Denisovich, blow out a candle for his brother, on a piece of sweet cake!”, – written by Denis.

      In an interview on the eve of the birth of the Sailors told me that he and Olga had different ideas about the name of the baby. But when a boy was born, and mom and dad saw the newborn child, they understand how it is called. During pregnancy Denis supported his chosen one, because in the early stages of the beloved actor I wasn’t feeling well. The future parents for a long time did not tell anybody, even family that are expecting a baby.

      Recall that Denis and Olga met in the theatre after the performance of “a Streetcar named Desire”. Civil Matrosov wife later told me that fell in love with a movie star, as soon as I saw it on TV. As govorit Denis, they are almost at the first meeting were discussed with the girl that want to have a baby. By the way, the actor has a son Ivan, Olga – a daughter, Sasha. According to some, Matrosov we have two more illegitimate sons, but with them he does not communicate.

      Maria Kulikova, the former wife of Denis not preclude the fellowship of the son of Ivan’s father, so the boy often staying with dad and his new wife. Besides, lady Matrosova know each other. According to the actor, women were able to find common ground, and they gather frequently, as I live close. Denis Matrosov is friends with his ex-wife

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