Lior Suchard used super powers to help a friend in the business

Лиор Сушард применил сверхспособности, чтобы помочь другу в бизнесе After meeting with the mentalist businessman looking at many things through new eyes. Now the businessman intends to further develop its business. Lior Suchard is glad to cooperate, as he and Alana Mask the same opinion about the values of life and the future.

      Лиор Сушард применил сверхспособности, чтобы помочь другу в бизнесе

      Famous mentalist Lior Suchard decided to channel his superpowers in a new direction. This decision prompted his meeting with businessman Eilon Musk. Few days that a telepath was in the States, was crowned a new promising collaboration. Lior called for the world energy forum in San Francisco, where he met with the businessman. After a conversation with Eilon Musk mentalist thought it would be to help him with advice in various areas of business. Lior believes that everything that happens in a person’s life depends on his thoughts. That’s why he decided to reveal the front of your new friend unexplored horizons.

      “I look at things very in line with the vision Alana on the business, and also on values of life and the future. Everything that happens in human life, – a consequence of his brain and thoughts. I just pulled him to consciousness and opened up new horizons, and slightly changed view on things, ” said Lior in conversation with “StarHit”.

      Eilon was incredibly happy after meeting with Susan. He admitted that no one before could not affect his mind so as Lior. The craftsmanship and the uniqueness of the psychic, it really impressed.

      “We – the people who look at the world unconventionally, and each of us affects him differently. This is the uniqueness of our alloy and cooperation,” said Lior.

      Now Eilon wants to grow their business, but in raw mode, namely, in which the works of Lior. So he was keen to establish cooperation with world-renowned mentalist. After meeting with the psychic, the entrepreneur immediately drew attention to the new topics, the existence of which he previously not even imagined. Despite the fact that now the business is developing dynamically Mask, he did not intend to stop there. The plans of the entrepreneur – the search for new solutions and the expansion of business.

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