Сергей Полонский женился, сидя за решеткой Well-known entrepreneur registered relationship with the beloved, while in the detention center. Sergey Polonsky has made an offer of marriage to his fiancée last year, during the court session. Olga Deripaska agreed, and today, the pair arranged the marriage.

      Сергей Полонский женился, сидя за решеткой

      Well-known businessman Sergei Polonsky was familiar with Olga Deripasko for 12 years. At the time of their meeting sudbonosnoe he was married. However, after Sergei Rochelle with his wife, he began to build a serious relationship with Olga. Despite the fact that now the businessman is in custody, this did not prevent her lover to seal their Union and register the marriage. About the changes in his personal life Olga announced in the social network.

      “Today is our day with you. As a confirmation of our 12 years, which were filled with meetings, partings, travel, returns, shores of distant lands and lanes which became so familiar to us cities. All these years you invisibly and tangibly gave me their wisdom, love, support and protection. Today I hugged you for the first time this year, once again openly state to the world – for our happiness, for our love, for you I will fight, again and again rising to your defense, and no obstacle will be able to destroy what is created between us. I love you, my dear. I’m happy,” said Deripaska and took the name of the spouse.
      Сергей Полонский женился, сидя за решеткой

      Family and friends were very pleased to see that no obstacles could not destroy the true and sincere love of Olga and Sergey. “So happy for you! Strength, patience, health and lots and lots of happiness!”, “Olga, congratulations! Happiness, love you and God help you to overcome all the difficulties” “Love, happiness, Prosperity and all the best!!! Congratulations!” – filled with congratulating friends Deripaska.

      The bride arrived to the detention facility, which houses her fiancé in a modest white dress with bare shoulders. Reportedly, she bought an engagement ring. But jewelry does not remain at Sergey, as it is forbidden in such facilities.

      Four years Polonsky and Deripaska have lived in Cambodia. Despite all the difficulties and problems with the law Sergei, the choice of entrepreneur was always there for him. Last year, the businessman made a proposal to his sweetheart. At that time there was a consequence under article about plunder of another’s property with causing of a material damage in especially large size, and the businessman on the court was asked to become his beloved wife. Moreover, he was even able to give the chosen one a ring made out of paper. From such romantic sentimentality of the act, Olga agreed.

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