Сын Дмитрия Медведева выбирает учебу в России This year the heir to the Chairman of the government Ilya graduating from the University. Unlike his peers, the son of the Prime Minister was not keen to leave to pursue higher education abroad. The young man arrived in MGIMO where studied at the faculty of international law.

      Сын Дмитрия Медведева выбирает учебу в России

      The Prime Minister’s son Ilya Medvedev delivers state exams in MGIMO. This year the young man will receive a bachelor’s degree of one of the most prestigious universities in Russia. During his studies at the University son, Dmitry Medvedev has worked as a paralegal in a small firm and plans to pursue a career in this industry. The graduate would be interested to engage in the development of the field of technology. Premiere son

      According to Ilya, if the future plans of any of the graduate to find work in Russia, and to go to College need it at home.

      “I believe that legal education makes no sense to in another country, if you are going to work in Russia”, – said Medvedev’s son.

      A young man from childhood wanted to be a diplomat, so he went to study at MGIMO. Post-baccalaureate Ilya looking forward to the summer military training and the examinations to the magistracy, to be held in August.

      Medvedev-the youngest from an early age became a media person. The boy starred in the entertainment program “jumble” a few years ago, but about becoming an actor, he thought.

      Worldwide fame of his father does not interfere with the Ilya to be the same as his peers. A young man plays sports and leads an active lifestyle, enjoys art, trying to visit the exhibition, go to the movies and to the theater. He has almost no friends that are sons of diplomats and officials. All the guys – College students, the best friend of a young man also from MGIMO.

      “I try to communicate. The guys all open, I respect all of them and many have great reverence, and some I just love as friends, which you can open. We have one of the most friendly groups, it’s true,” says Ilya.

      Young man loves to travel. Medvedev whole family often go to the sea or to the mountains in Sochi. Ilya admiringly recalls his visit to Kamchatka, and also wants to see the unique nature of lake Baikal.

      By the way, for the first time in many years, the Medvedev-younger has given an interview which was published in “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. Before the Internet there were only “fake” versions of the interviews with the son of the Prime Minister.

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