Anna Banshchikova often quarrels with her husband

Анна Банщикова часто ссорится с мужем Star of TV series “Bloodhound” has told that becomes the cause of numerous conflicts. Despite the constant bickering, Anna Banshchikova and her husband Vsevolod Shakhanov live in a marriage for almost 10 years. The actress appreciates him because he freed her from the household chores, so she can be creative.

      Анна Банщикова часто ссорится с мужем

      Star of TV series “Bloodhound” Anna Banshchikova married her chosen one, Vsevolod Shakhanov, almost ten years ago. In March of next year they plan to celebrate a pink wedding, but not going to arrange a Grand celebration. As in the beginning of family life, they do not consider marriage very important and are of the opinion that the stamp in the passport is just a formality.

      Also they do not like to bring to your personal life everyone’s attention, so the people prefer not to hug and not to speak each other tender words. Anna confesses, admits that as she and her husband, a difficult character, but because between them often enough scandals erupt.

      Anna Banshchikova raising sons in severity

      “Both explosive, temperamental, we have a real Italian family – we fight like 20 times a day, sculpt the truth to each other in the face. But also put up very quickly – I always go first,” says the actress.

      Despite the quarrels, Banshchikova sure of your spouse. Anna feels comfortable, because he knows that she has a person she can rely on in all. The actress is not afraid to leave the children when he goes to the shooting – Vsevolod will always look after his two sons, Misha and Sasha. Banshchikova happy that the husband understands how important to her profession and are not satisfied with the scandals because of the protracted shooting process. Most often disputes arise on quite trifling cases.

      “Here I am a complete ignoramus in electronic gadgets. If you can’t, for example, to send a file, immediately calling him, “a Nightmare all is lost. File not sent! And I urgently, urgently need.” Seva says: “Wait half an hour, I have important negotiations”. And I said, ‘ is Not urgent, Sitting, right now.” Of course, in such a situation, he can not stand, and here it is, a fight. But it’s all the little things!” – says the artist.

      In order that Anna could fully realize themselves in their work, the husband decided to hire people who would be engaged in maintaining order in the house. “Seva is helping me to do the job: he freed me from everyday problems. I do not iron, do not clean, not cooking: he loves me not because I’m a good hostess, but for the fact that I just got. Sometimes my husband jokingly says, “You know, honey, as other women have to spin to keep the house?”, – Banshchikova spoke in an interview with “7 days”.

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