Свидетели подтвердили, что Брэд Питт «применял силу» к детям
Police launched an investigation into accusations against brad.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Photo: Legion-media

In the history of the divorce of Angelina Jolie and her husband appeared
a new unexpected twist. As reported by the reporter for the online website TMZ
police opened an investigation to determine whether there has been a “home
violence” from brad pitt to his kids. The process was launched after
the witnesses to the violent behavior of the actor at the airport of Los Angeles announced
about it to the police in family matters.

As stated by the witnesses, in last Wednesday (ie 14
September) on Board a private plane rented by the family of Jolie and pitt,
broke ugly scene. As you say, brad, is under
the influence of alcohol and drugs, began to whoop it up and used force against children.
He calmed down and after landing the aircraft, so airport workers
had the opportunity to observe his behavior. He was clearly not himself: screaming wildly and tried
break into a car, deliver fuel for fueling the aircraft. Reportedly,
police have questioned themselves, Jolie and pitt, and in the near future intends to take
statements from all six children of the couple.

likely, we are talking about forcing angelina to take a final
the decision to divorce the incident, which Jolie has hinted yesterday in a conversation with his girlfriend. On
that “something very serious” mentioned earlier and the father of Jolie — Jon Voight.
As for the pitt, then he’s already managed to comment on the advanced in
his address for the prosecution. The actor once again denied that hurt children
physically or mentally. And said he was very sorry that “some people” make
so much effort to put him in a bad light. Brad hinted: all
these charges should Angelina and her
a team of lawyers. And the purpose of such actions is to prevent the registration of a joint
custody of children.