Боярская и Матвеев отреагировали на слухи о своем расставании
Elizabeth and max have surprised the audience at the premiere of the film “Duelist” guests.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev

Photo: Ian Gregory

Over the last year Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev seems to be “bred”
as often as bridges in St. Petersburg — the city where was born and raised
the actress, and where often removed it
spouse. After each new message in the Network about the breakup of two celebrities fans
worried for them, as for the native people.

Versions of the gap has been many:
from Protocol “irreconcilable circumstances” and the new novels, impossibly
Lisa and Maxim live on duty in different cities. Nor boyar, nor Matveev
over these long months, did not comment on the gossip associated with them
family life, but now it turned out that the couple, who only were able to keep
in the mystery of his personal, again around all around the finger. And this time —

At the premiere of the film by Alexei Mizgireva and Alexander
Rodnyansky “Duelist”, which was held in Moscow yesterday, Elizabeth and max
appeared hand, happy, already one of its kind they were talking about that
the family are all well. It turned out that the only reason they “recorded
in the former,” is extremely loaded touring and production schedule both.

only Boyarskaya and Matveev was the first break for the year (it was at the end
the summer), they immediately went on vacation in Sunny Georgia. This stay was
definitely deserved, because not so long ago they finished shooting in the new film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”,
directed by Karen Shakhnazarov.
Both spouses played a major role: boyar — Anna, Maxim —