Tragically killed 27-year-old son of MIA Farrow

Tragically killed 27-year-old son of MIA Farrow
The actress has lost another child.

Tragically killed 27-year-old son of MIA Farrow

MIA Farrow

71-year-old MIA Farrow
shocked: she was told that her 27-year-old son
Tadeusz died in a
hospitals of Connecticut. The representative of the local police Department said that
the young man died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. He was found
seriously wounded in his battered car and taken to hospital. But doctors
failed to save him.

MIA was adopted by Thaddeus, who at the time had a different Indian name, many years ago when I visited the orphanage in Calcutta. She saw him when he managed to recover
poliomielita and could only move on crutches. This did not prevent
Tadeusz to education: he studied at the police Academy.

Destiny is not the first time MIA gets a cruel blow: Tadeusz — third of the adopted children actress, a timeless
deceased. In 2000, she lost her daughter Tam, who was adopted by it in Vietnam. Girl
died at the age of 19 from heart disease. In 2008, from complications of pneumonia died
another daughter of the actress and 35-year-old Lark song, also adopted at the time
in Vietnam. So out of ten children adopted from around the world in different
countries currently survived seven.

In addition to foster, MIA brought in my life yet
his four biological children: Matthew, Sascha and Fletcher – from marriage to Andre
Previna, and son Ronan, whose father is considered to be woody Allen. However
the actress said recently: it is possible that this child is not woody, and Frank
Sinatra, also her former lover.

MIA Farrow and son Tadeusz