With the first roosters: forecast from astrologer in 2017

С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год The different characters are definitely lucky. The coming 12 months promise to be rich with bright events full of surprises and new achievements. Astrologer Julia carpenter told the readers of “StarHit” what to expect.

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год


    MARCH 21 – APRIL 20

    Your active and straightforward nature will love the open and bold master of the year. Aries are born to struggle and competition, preferring to move with jerky and short dashes, and a hard worker Cock for hard work and friendliness. If you manage to transfer their competitive spirit to the plane of team work and fight for common ideals, attentive Cock will reward you with success in all professional endeavours.

    Health will also be in order, so you get to show a rare performance. Relationships is an area where rely on feeling and completely letting go of the situation.


    MAY 22 – JUNE 22

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    Your relationship with Red Rooster to be strong and emotionally rich. It is possible gambles of different size in private life and in business. Rooster promises excellent career prospects for those who are not afraid to try new things and willing to participate in projects requiring the ability to work in a team.

    As for those who have no pair: remember that the Rooster loves people with initiative, and feel free to take up their destiny. If the partner you already have, it is possible to transition to a new level in the relationship – you just need to clearly define their desires.


    JULY 24 – AUGUST 23

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    Bright lion will not be easy to get along with the extravagant Cock. The situation is complicated by the fact that in nature both missing the desire to compete and dominate – both consider leadership as its innate law. Leo – because he is the king of beasts, and the Cock because high sits and far looks and the first heralds of the dawn. What can you recommend? Live this year immodestly and royally – that is, as always. In the end you have nothing to share – so let it be the friendship of two bright beauties, each of them successful in their field.


    APRIL 21 – MAY 21

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    Leisurely materialist Taurus is at first glance not the most suitable partner for a tandem with a bright and a cocky Rooster. However, in practice it turns out that these two will get along easily – they will unite interest in the material, hard work and pleasure both get when they see the real fruits of their labor. So be ready that you will need to act actively and safely. As for his personal life, you will be required manifestation of such qualities as emotionality and intuition.


    JUNE 23 – JULY 23

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    This year for Cancers important not to succumb to the temptation to go with the flow, and Vice versa, to control your own destiny. This initiative will be marked by a Cock and rewarded on merit – he shows his favor.

    Define your goals – it concerns the material side of life and deal with personal issues, then with industrious Rooster roll up your sleeves. Also moderate your tendency to excessive emotional reactions, not to be in the midst of quarrels and misunderstandings.



    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    It would seem that the total could be between modest and serious Maid with a bright Red Rooster? However, the similarities in them than it may seem at first glance: remember the cock pecks grain by grain that fully meets the meticulous nature of Virgo.

    This will allow Virgins to significantly strengthen their well-being, and active disposition, his bright master will give them charm. The stars advise you not to hesitate to brag about its successes. Also a good year for those looking for a pair: Rooster does not like being alone and love to help those who wish to find second half.



    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    Refined Libra will be difficult at first to adjust to the leadership nature of the owner. But gradually the Scales will realize that the brightness and ardor – is not synonymous of arrogance and intransigence, and relations will accept of a friendly character. Sociable Libra will Shine under the wing of the Rooster.

    So more openness and willingness to knowledge – and then generous Cock endow you with Dating holidays and will open new horizons in matters of making money. Travel Rooster promises not too much, but they will all be rich and successful.


    23 NOV – 21 DEC

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    For strategic Sagittarius is the master of the year will be a great partner, so it remains only to ensure that the directions in which we look both the same. Sagittarius year will bring excellent career prospects and new opportunities in previously untested areas, so feel free to conquer unknown peaks.

    Very useful training courses or learning a foreign language. In terms of romantic relationships, the new year promises interesting acquaintances.



    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    Affordable smart Aquarius will get along fine with an open and friendly Red Rooster. Council has set ambitious goals in terms of Finance.

    Useful will be the acquisition of any new knowledge and skills, so if you’ve been wanting to learn to drive a car, now is the time to do it. The year will be rich in trips and travel, especially to exotic countries, and also literally be teeming with new acquaintances. If you still have no pair, then the Cock will give you a chance to find a partner.


    24 OCT – 22 NOV

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    You will have a great year, although at first it may seem that you don’t know where to direct your energy. But Scorpio knows how to wait like no other, and soon you will see that the bright and noisy Rooster is a wonderful cover for all slow and complicated intrigues that you are a master.

    Straightness of a Rooster serves as a reliable guarantee that it will not need to seek a double bottom – so that is one concern you have will be less accurate. Conceived trades and professional achievements will be strongly favored by the favor of fortune.


    22 DEC – 20 JAN

    С первыми петухами: прогноз от астролога на 2017 год

    Bright and cocky the Rooster and reserved Capricorn not immediately find a common language, but try to do it still stands. While Capricorns love to sort through and plan in advance, you should try to make their behavior a bit of adventure. Will have to develop new qualities, which will greatly expand the zone of your influence.

    The biggest success is waiting for you on the love front – existing relationship will reach a new level, and those who have no second half, will find a dream partner. A source of joy and support will be your family.


    19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH

    Dreamy contemplative Fish will be difficult to find a common language with the cocky Rooster. However, the romanticism inherent in both the first and the second will allow us to better understand each other and even something of each other to learn.

    That Red Rooster will help the Fish to gain the necessary passion and will give us the energy for continued growth and movement forward. The biggest success will be expected by those who need luck in love. Good prospects are opening for those who love to travel. It is also possible to a major purchase.