10 the most promising stars in 2017

10 самых больших надежд звезд на 2017-й Celebrity summed up before the holiday. The singer Glyuk’oza, Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova, and other figures of show business remember what was for them last year. Celebrities told about their dreams, which are going to implement in the near future.

      10 самых больших надежд звезд на 2017-й

      The end of December is traditionally a kind of milestone for summing up the outgoing year. Many try to remember everything good that happened to them over 12 months, and also to draw conclusions from failures and disappointments. Celebrity decided to share with his fans with bright highs and bitter disappointments, but also told about that, what are your plans for the coming 2017.


      Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known as the singer Glyuk’oza, this year has been quite eventful. She released several loud hits, and also celebrated an important anniversary – 10 years of marriage with her husband Alexander. The actress admitted that she does not like to take stock, but try and remember all the good that has happened to her in a short period of time.

      “In this life only one point, and she at the end. But emotionally, of course, I feel that this year, the length of time was not simple, and each in their own way! But I want to remember only the good and, of course, to look only ahead! Want to see the happy smiles around, and this applies not only to my family and friends! Want, no matter how pretentious it sounded, so we were all happy! If we look around, we can say that a lot of things mixed up – that didn’t matter, acquired significance, and important things were erased and ceased to evoke emotion! So I want the simple pleasures we were pleased! So we dreamed, and we had health and strength to go to our dream!” – I wrote this message to all your fans in the social network.

      Svetlana Anokhina

      His ex-wife of rapper Guf ISA Anokhina, there have been major changes in my life. She registered the relationship with her partner Dmitri, and a month later gave him a son. The woman is so close with the fans that decided to give birth live. The camera was accompanied by Anokhin almost everywhere. Despite the fact that ISA did not want surgical intervention, she still had to resort to outside help, so her baby was born. ISA Anokhin became a mother for the second time

      “I was the best mommy for this baby. Torn between work and Elvis, often combined together. Exhausting themselves and their children. I did not have children, and it broke my heart. Began to hear from Sam: “You love work more than us with Elvi..!”, and instead of “mother” my nickname was “alpinistka”. Repair service, recruitment into the cabin, dozens of chats, scandals, exhausting all the nerves, lack of sleep and appetite, the nerves of thousands of meetings, tears, fatigue, loss of milk, the experience and the result,” – said the businesswoman.

      Anna Kalashnikova

      For Anna Kalashnikova 2016 was rich in turmoil. In may, the actress was going to get married with his lover Prokhor Chaliapin. The pair dreamed of a fabulous celebration. However, dreams about marriage crashed after the results of the DNA test where it became clear that the man is not the biological father of the child Kalashnikova. The artist did not expect such dirty trick and was not able to forgive favorite. He said that after a brutal betrayal on the wedding could not be and speeches. Anna was difficult to deal with the emotional pain, but because she was deeply immersed in the work. The artist recorded the song, shot a video and has devoted much time to his own business. Next year’s Kalashnikov plans don’t stop there.

      Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      “A few days before the New year! Now you can all congratulate on the coming! Results to bring still early, but I want to say a huge thank you to those who supported me throughout this year! Much has been done, and there will be more!” – optimistic about the future of the artist.


      Not so long ago it became known that popular musician and producer Alexey Potapenko better known as Potap, for two years, broke up with his wife Irina Gorovoy. However, the former beloved continue to work together and raise their son Andrew. Also in the summer of his partner in the duet of Nastya Kamenskih seriously injured after a parachute jump, but the captain decided to take stock solely in music as a producer. Potap two years hiding the divorce

      “The year 2016 will still need to beat! Let’s start with the group Mozgi, the group that was supposed to happen. First attempt to deviate from the “Core” of creativity has evolved in the project “Potap, Dyadya Vadya and South” and the gorgeous album “We are Richer,” then there was the band “Potap and His Team” the greatest hits “Summer” and “Sea Foam”, then Arkady Laykin and his “Likes” and “Maliena” and now, seemingly randomly, and turning back, you realize that it is not accidentally dug Mozgi!” – said the musician.


      For a leading reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina this year was truly memorable. All events were associated with the education of the youngest daughter Teona, which came to light late last year. The first day the kid was born they celebrated in style at one of capital restaurants. Despite the fact that she is quite candid with his fans, still it does not show the face of the girl. Year-old daughter Borodina and Omarova had fun on the first night

      The last days before the New year has not been the most joyful for the presenter, however, she still hopes for the best. “You always have to remain optimistic and believe that everything will be fine. A New year in two days, and I have just a tow truck took the car to the impound lot…,” wrote Borodin in the microblog.


      The party girl trio SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina pleased the fans in the group new songs and music videos. Spring girl changed one of the soloists. Is Daria Casinoi appeared in the group Kate Kischuk. The actress worked hard to please their fans, and are now trying to preserve the remnants of strength before the holiday.

      “Now a great fatigue, for the concerts and travel and only make themselves felt. And what I want to share with you – the pictures and the thoughts go by the wayside. Power saving mode turns on. But it’s worth it. Music cures and heals. Open secret, we wrote some incredible songs, and perhaps that’s what I’m most proud of,” wrote Olga Seryabkina.

      Olga Buzova

      The end of the year was really difficult for the leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova. Fans still can’t believe that she broke up with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. Officially, the couple must obtain a formal divorce today, December 30. Olga told subscribers what conclusions she made in this difficult period of life. Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      “This year has taught me how to fix his own heart, as to put those parts again, how to do this without the people you thought they will be in your life for a long time. This year has taught me that nobody’s really wrong with you that you need to deal with yourself. No one will put you back on your feet, but yourself,” wrote Buzova.

      Svetlana Loboda

      Svetlana Loboda this year has pleased fans with such hits as “down with love” and “Your eyes”. Despite the heartfelt songs, celebrity still can’t meet a man who would be there for her. However, she finds happiness in the upbringing of his only daughter Evangeline.

      “The end of the year. I’m so glad. He was very productive and eventful. There is a plan for 2017,” – said Loboda, but did not reveal the secret of what she prepares in the new year.


      Singer Jasmine this year gave birth to her third child. However, after the appearance of the baby born she had to endure the turmoil associated with her husband. Now the actress is making big plans for next year. She intends to actively develop its own production centre and will please fans with the next album. Singer Jasmine found salvation from depression in the work

      “I plan to tour a lot, perhaps even the Far East – they have long been expecting me, invited. And, of course, will be touring the rest of Russia and CIS countries. I hope in the new year “shoot” is my song. Our staff are waiting for this, because of the birth of Myron I had to take a creative break”, – said the singer.


      Summed up the year and told about the cherished dream of the people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Kharatyan. He hopes that in 2017 will begin shooting next part of the famous “Cadets”.

      “We will focus on the attack of Turkey in the Crimea in the late 18th century, lifted the veil of secrecy actor. – The continuation “Cadets” will be devoted to two main topics, which will go in parallel – the history of human relations and large-scale military history. I think the film will be a success, now is the time for its release. Russia itself as a new starting position in the world, developing true patriotism. “Cadets”, Russian cinema, Russian army, Russian valor and honor – it must be true. Unfortunately, the budget of the state for the production of such an ambitious film, no, but we do not lose heart. I hope in the new year we will be able to overcome the difficulties and start shooting”.