With “Revizorro” I demand compensation for the broken the wedding

С «Ревизорро» требуют компенсацию за сорванную свадьбу

In Chelyabinsk on the weekend came the command “Revizorro,” headed with the new host. Spectacular brunette Olga Romanovskaya walked around Chelyabinsk restaurants and raised a storm of emotions.

In one of the three restaurants she has visited with inspection, the Oriental restaurant “Dragon”, she was an unexpected guest at the wedding! Your celebration with 60 guests celebrated the newlyweds Chelyabinsk Anastasia and Ivan Zyryanov. In a strange celebration TV presenter scandal. Yes such that it was immediately recognized guests on all three floors of the restaurant.

Woman’s Day spoke with Anastasia before leaving the newlyweds to Goa on their honeymoon.

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Photos published Anastasia Orlova (@nastena7zyryanova) APR 19 2016 12:33 PDT

Anastasia Zyryanova:

“Holding our wedding at the Dragon we booked and paid two months in advance. We assumed that we will have about one hundred guests, and we needed a big hall. I work as a waiter at another restaurant and, believe me, I know all about how operates the restaurant, its cuisine.

For my wedding we ordered catering all hot we cooked at another restaurant. Had to bring in “the Dragon” here in the kitchen everything is beautiful to prepare and submit to the hall. And what? In the kitchen our order with the chef didn’t miss it! Although they brought all the time, at the agreed time. Why? Because there was a leading of “Revizorro”, there was conducted a recording of the program. We had to literally break it in the field kitchen. Our guests, by the way, timely filed hot. And other guests, those who located on the third floor, were forced to wait for their orders about three hours!

Okay, did it. And then the fuss started. Of course, everyone in the restaurant knew that the shooting started to be heard voice: “Congratulate the newlyweds!” And here comes a girl, a TV presenter. We, of course, pleased that at our wedding celebrity – now congratulate us. She comes and says: “Who’s the couple?” Ivan stood up. And she suddenly to the camera: “You know you got bullied?” And stuff like that. What?! What are you talking about? The food at our table brought from another restaurant. But nobody listened to us! She eventually freaked out, threw the microphone and left! Not that she ruined the wedding. But she’s ruined the mood. We are preparing a complaint to the Prosecutor – can you imagine our guests said that they are bullied! Now it is busy with the lawyer. We want to apologized to us, at least. And I want financial compensation”.

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