Druzhinin agreed to return to “Dancing” on your own terms

Дружинин согласился вернуться в «Танцы» на своих условиях

The next edition of the popular TV show the audience will see already next Saturday.

It looks like Yegor Druzhinin was able to succeed. The producers have revised the rules of the show “Dancing. Battle of the seasons” on TNT. Recall that on the last program, the mentor deliberately left the Studio together with his team, expressing disagreement with the audience (read more here).

According to Yegor, the target audience of the transmission when choosing the weakest of the party comes not from the professional skills of a dancer, but only from some of their own preferences. After the demarche Druzhinina “Dances” were under threat of closure.

“You have to understand something that happened on the air, is an absolutely spontaneous expression of emotions. I wouldn’t call it a scandal, because my decision was justified. As practice shows, audience voting biased, and continue to work in the same spirit – it means to silently accept what is happening and to see how the best from your team leave,” says Druzhinin on time interviews with journalists (read here).

However, the producers managed to reach a compromise with uncompromising mentor.

“Tonight Egor, the producers of the project and the management of the TV channel came to an agreement. Show to be! But with the amended rules, as required, and Druzhinin. Now the audience their vote will select three nominees for the elimination, but the mentors on the air will take the final decision who of these three will leave the show. The “star” judge Sergei Svetlakova will return the right to vest the nominees for the departure immunity, thereby keeping the participant in the show – said the Director of TV channel TNT Igor Mishin. — As a result of intensification of relations will increase the dramaturgy of the project, and participants will have a complete motivation to Express themselves on stage with the best hand”.

Druzhinin such outcome of the conflict was satisfied and emphasized that nothing against the audience does not have.

“No one belittles the audience voting, – says Egor. On the contrary, we want the audience to vote for more and more. I resent not the fact that you decided to kick someone from the dancers, and the fact that this participant did not vote in sufficient numbers his fans. Friends, vote more actively! You cannot turn a “battle of the seasons” in a battle of the fanclubs!”

The new rules will come into force this Saturday at 19:30. Due to the cancellation of the audience voting in the last issue this week, none of the participants will not leave the “Battle”.

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