Ведьма Татьяна Ларина подала заявку на участие в шоу «Голос»

Expect magical singing. Participant of “Battle of psychics” Tatiana Larina decided to take up singing in earnest. This fall the new season of the musical competition, and Tatiana is confident that she will pass selection (she should know).

Fans of her mystical talent already waiting for the new roles Larina. St. Petersburg psychic went to the final show and was the main opponent of the winner of the competition Julia Vang. Despite the fact that Tatiana received first place, it still is considered one of the strongest witches of the city on the Neva. And yet, dreams of the stage.
Participation in music competition “the Voice” may be the first step Larina to fulfill her dreams. She enjoys singing for many years, and even washes boast famous students, whom she taught to sing. Among them, Stas kostushkin, a former member of the group “Chai vdvoem”.
“Tanya Larina, my first teacher of pop vocal. God, how long ago it was! Now she’s a known psychic” — said the singer in an interview.

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