Ольга Шелест экономит на одежде детей TV presenter does not spend extra money. Olga Shelest has two daughters. The younger girl gets clothes from older.

      Ольга Шелест экономит на одежде детей

      Popular TV host Olga Shelest now has two daughters. Their children, the television star and her husband, a famous music video Director Alexei Tishkin., gave a very unusual names. The eldest girl who was born two and a half years ago, my parents called Muse, and the youngest, born in August of last year, iris. Due to the fact that the age difference between children is quite small, Olga Shelest can significantly save. The things that belonged to the eldest daughter, pass by descent to the youngest child.

      “Iris till the little crib, in which slept before Muse. Of course, if the Muse wants to climb up there, she gets it without asking. Iris while heavily pregnant with her everything from which has grown the Muse,” said Olga.

      I must say that the presenter did not allow himself to take a long maternity leave and very soon returned to his beloved work. According to her, she has no idea what could fully devote himself to taking care of the family. Celebrity says that to be active – for her need. Now that Olga is torn between work and parenting, daughters vie for her attention. TV presenter does not deny that between the girls already have some kind of rivalry and jealousy.

      “Sometimes, when I spend much time with iris, Muse can come up and say: “Our malyavochka” – and then give her a fist in the stomach. I said to her: “Why do you beat her? It is so small”. Muse shrugs. Apparently, instinct tells us that we must eliminate the competitor. Therefore constantly have to be on the alert”, shared relationships between children Rustle.

      Despite the fact that now she has to combine career and the raising of heiresses, she skillfully keeps a balance between work and home. However, a huge number of cases still wearing her down. But to the rescue comes nanny that helps the presenter to take care of children. The main support she believed her husband.

      “We do not divide duties for maternity and paternity, we completely interchangeable parents. Alex just changes diapers, feeds, one can stay with them overnight when I’m away on business. I had no idea that these may be fathers,” said Olga in an interview with the magazine “OK”.

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