Стеша Маликова дразнит поклонников снимками у океана The heiress star names in the Thailand. Daughter Dmitry Malikov is looking for harmony, distracted from problems and share moments of absolute happiness.

      Стеша Маликова дразнит поклонников снимками у океана

      Recently charming daughter of Dmitry Malikov went on a trip to Thailand, where she now has the opportunity to escape from worries and enjoy the quiet. After learning that 16-year-old Stefania will travel to the ocean, fans of the girls suggested that while it will not be to get in touch, and even upset, but their fears were not realized. Popular in social networks heiress star names regularly informs everyone interested about what is in the rest, demonstrates its exotic surrounding nature and makes it clear that he is happy in solitude.

      Malikova also puts philosophical positions, accompanying them with photos taken by the ocean at sunset. It is obvious that Stephanie spends time having fun at the same time. Many friends and fans girls spend school vacations in cool locations and would kill to be in her place. That is why almost every picture published in the microblog Stasi, discusses its subscribers so vividly. Many jokingly asked the daughter of musician to stop to post pictures, causing them to suffer, or at least post them less frequently. Malikova itself with humor responds to this kind of review. The girl does not get tired to repeat, that dreams of each person must come true, and this is what she wants her fans and haters.

      Стеша Маликова дразнит поклонников снимками у океана

      For anybody not a secret that despite her young age daughter of a popular artist, she is different from many of their peers Mature and sober Outlook on life and is unusual for adolescents with wisdom. Beauty is convinced that a person receives from the fate that it deserves, but because of his thoughts and actions must be pure. There are cases when the fans of Stephanie turning to her for advice in social networks. To all requests the girl be treated with respect and understanding, and perhaps that is what motivates adolescents to refer to it again and again.

      Стеша Маликова дразнит поклонников снимками у океана

      By the way, is not without claims to the daughters of the stars. Many allow themselves to insult not only her but also her family. Recently Malikov came to the defense of their parents, stating that he will not allow anyone to speak bad about them. “Remove only what concerns my parents. Talk about me all You want, behind and in person, I absolutely violet. But the parents did not even stutter” – addressed to the haters Stesha.

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