Will be a show! Cord and Rasputin in the jury of “the Voice-5”

Будет шоу! Шнур и Распутина в жюри «Голос-5»

At least, they would like to see in the project is journalist and TV presenter Sergei Asarin.

In the new season of the show “Voice” we expect a big reshuffle. And the question this year is not about changing the leading (they already had been changed several times!), and jury members.

In particular, Pelageya refused to participate in the project: the singer is expecting a child, and to withstand the difficult process of filming her would be impossible. The participation of Alexander Gradsky, and with Grigory Leps negotiations are still not over… While fans are speculating about who will gain the team this year, journalist and TV presenter Sergei Asarin have already spoken about this.

Or rather, Sergei proposed to introduce in the show Sergei Shnurov and Masha Rasputin.

“Instead of the Leps I have put a Cord among zapikannye Mata will be difficult to understand what he thought of the speech. Instead Polina Gagarina – Masha Rasputin” – he wrote in his blog.

According to the journalist, the singer can just enjoy. Sergey imagined that first chair will receive a chest and lips, and then Mary.

Asarin sure that “the more outrageous, the better show.” Only strange why it then about the Amateur crowns Sergei Zverev forgotten. After “Eurovision” it was called.

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