Fans of Marina Afrikantov condemned her for the return to Chuev

Фанаты Марины Африкантовой осудили ее за возвращение к Чуеву The participant “Houses-2” I realized that choice had changed for her. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev, enjoy your stay in Cyprus. The reality star decided to forget all old grudges and start building relationships again.

      Not so long ago one of the brightest couples of the TV project “Dom-2” Afrikantov Marina and Andrey Chuev has declared that they are no longer together. The cause of the rupture was the money issue – the man was indignant that his beloved has put material wealth above all else sincere feelings. After the breakup Andrew left the telestroke and Marina decided to try my luck with the controversial reality show participant Ivan Bursikova. But that relationship didn’t last long. Moreover, Ivan allowed himself a misconduct in relation to Africanoboi that forced the mother to go to Chuev for the honour of her daughter. Marina Afrikantov expects help from Andrey Chueva

      After that, the relationship between Marina and Andrew broke out with renewed vigor. All old grudges and disagreements were forgotten, and the happy couple went on vacation to Cyprus, leaving without attention the words of the fans who begged Afrikantova not believe Chuev. However, the participant “House-2” notice how the breakup changed her lover. Now she is sure Andrew loves her more than ever and is ready to go for favourite at all.

      “No matter what anyone said, I see that Andrew loves me as I love him. He had really loved me, just played and put on a mask. He lived by the principle “the less woman we love, the more she likes us”, forgetting the fact that with him I’m the one that can give the desired resistance and to put in place. During the absence of the project Andrew is very much changed both externally and internally. I see the way he works on himself every day, and I’m proud of him. He even lost 11 pounds in such a short time. I feel his love and see how he pleases me every day. But it’s damn nice,” – shared his emotions the Marina in the microblog.

      Loyal fans, who for a long time watching the development of relations in the pair, again split in their opinion – whether enters the Marina. Some were quick to warn it against possible disappointment, while others were happy for the lovers.

      “Good for you, I hope Chuev have realized their mistakes and now will appreciate you”, “God Forbid, Marinochka, so, and him to you are not humiliated!”, “Andrew vindictive and vengeful person! Now he’s gonna pull you in, caress, and then make very painful”, “Marina lives how she wants and anyway she should know what her relationship with Andrew,” was discussed by the fans.

      Now loyal fans waiting to ask questions, to return Chuev on the project, to the sight of numerous cameras to continue to build relationships with Africanoboi.

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