Жена Романа Абрамовича вывела сына в свет The founder of Garage Museum celebrated its birthday. Surprise for the guests of the event was the appearance at the festival six-year-old socialite Aaron. Curly kid drew the attention of all friends of the birthday girl. As a rule, Dasha rarely takes children to such events.

      Жена Романа Абрамовича вывела сына в свет

      On the eve of Dasha Zhukova celebrated its 35th anniversary. The restaurant on the Patriarchal ponds gathered relatives and friends of the founder of Garage Museum, among whom were Polina Deripaska, Miroslava Duma and Natalia Goldenberg. Ksenia Sobchak was not able to attend the occasion. The star left greetings for girl friend in his microblog.

      “Dear Dasha! I’ve known you since my first days in Moscow, remember our 18 years. I like that all these years of our friendship, you were always there when I needed your help, always good, open and kind. I admire your talents and regret that today I not in Moscow”, – such message was left Zhukova Ksenia Sobchak, who yesterday flew to St. Petersburg for the prize of the magazine “abakay”. The appearance of a pregnant Sobchak in the arena of the circus made a lot of noise

      Natalia Goldenberg shared in Instagram a photo from the event where at the table with Dasha sits sectility her son Aaron. Kinky babe smiles sweetly at the camera. Social network users were delighted from the head of hair of a little boy and from the warmth that is radiated by the frame. Dasha Zhukov congratulated happy birthday people from all over the world, as the wife of Roman Abramovich is very popular abroad. Foreigners admire the sense of style of a socialite.

      The last time photographers were able to take pictures of Aaron in 2014. Zhukov takes a rare heirs social events. The four-year daughter Leah Roman Abramovich and Dasha for a long time is not taken out into the light. For the first time the girl came with her parents to the exhibition in “Garage” this spring.

      The world’s media were called Leah the most expensive baby in the world. The girl was born at Presbyterian hospital, one of the largest hospitals in new York. Born in the USA, Abramovich’s daughter automatically became an American citizen. Leah like his father: she has light eyes and hair and chubby cheeks.

      Recall that Abramovich and Zhukova met in February 2005 at a party in Barcelona. For a long time, journalists wondered whether signed for Roma and Dasha or they live in a civil marriage. According to foreign publications, the pair played a secret wedding, so as not to attract the attention of the public.

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