Филипп Киркоров решился на смелый эксперимент The king of pop recorded the song with the band “Disco crash”. Philip believes that working in such an unusual duets and creativity. The artists recently presented to the fans a new summer hit.

      Филипп Киркоров решился на смелый эксперимент

      The main supplier of dance rhythms of Russian pop — group Disco “Accident” again surprised their fans. At this time, the popular band decided to record a song with the pop-king of Russian pop – Philip Kirkorov. The idea of the joint project leader of the band “Disco crash” Alexey Ryzhov hatched a few months.

      “We had long wanted to work with Philip Bedrosovich. When only conceived the duet, he was on tour in America. Hearing the demo songs, just said Yes, but it was not so easy,” admitted the frontman of the band.

      The project was not so fast. The fact that the tight schedule of Philip Kirkorov is not allowed to accelerate this process. A huge amount of time-consuming preparation of the new show “I”, a tour. This employment has made adjustments. However, people’s artist of Russia still managed to find time to work at the Studio for an exciting project.

      “I do love experiments. The Duo is always something new. When two held artist or group, can find common points of interaction, to reveal himself in new genres, this is real creativity,” – said Kirkorov.

      However, the result exceeded all expectations. Joint premiere of the song “Disco crash” and Phillip Kirkorov “Bright I” took place on the eighth of June in a unique format — while in the air leading radio stations in social network “Vkontakte”. All the fans could appreciate the new composition by famous artists. They were delighted by what he heard of the news.

      I wonder what pop hip-hop group “Disco crash” has great experience of cooperation with famous Russian artists: duets with Christina Aguilera and Zhanna Friske, joint projects with the circus Edgard and Askold Zapashny, and in the video for the song “Aram-Zam-Zam” starred many stars from Nyusha to Lion Leshchenko.

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