Ex-husband of Whitney Houston told about her relationship with a woman

Экс-супруг Уитни Хьюстон поведал о ее связи с женщиной The singer for some time was in a relationship with assistant Robyn Crawford. Said former husband of the stars of the pop scene Bobby brown. Despite the fact that Whitney died four years ago, while the Western tabloids come up with all new details about her life and causes of death.

      Экс-супруг Уитни Хьюстон поведал о ее связи с женщиной

      The ex-spouse died in 2012 Whitney Houston Bobby brown revealed new details about the life of famous singer. The musician, who has lived in marriage with the singer from 1992 to 2007, gave an interview in which he told that the star of the pop scene were interested in women. According to the man, Whitney was having an affair with her assistant Robin Crawford.

      “I know that. We were married for 14 years, we talked about very personal things for us,” said Bobby brown.

      Robyn and Whitney met when they were teenagers and both worked in new Jersey. When Houston’s career went uphill, Crawford became her assistant, and subsequently creative Director of the star.

      According to Bobby brown, Houston was bisexual. However, her family, in particular mothers, were unable to understand same-sex relationships, so the relatives demanded that Whitney has fired Robin.

      “I feel like if Robin was a full-fledged part of the lives of Whitney, she still could be with us. In addition to Robin she was no longer really close friends”, – told ex-husband of singer.

      Recall that in 2012, Whitney Houston died in a hotel room under unknown circumstances. The police later reported that the death was from an overdose of taking drugs. After it became known about tragedy, Robin Crawford sent a message to one of the tabloids.

      “I loved her laugh. It is for him, I’ll miss you most of all”, – wrote the singer’s assistant on Houston.

      By the way, is still the death star is shrouded in mystery. Sister of ex-wife Whitney Leola brown believes that the investigation prematurely drew conclusions about what caused the death of the singer. “They from the beginning chose drugs as the main version and not even tried to investigate what happened! But the hotel had surveillance cameras, and they filmed the man entering the last room in the Whitney. Many will be shocked at what I tell, but I just have to do it!” – said the woman and announced the release of the book, in which she will tell the truth about what happened with the singer. Sister of ex-wife Whitney Houston will reveal secrets about the death of a star and her daughter

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