Wife of Nicholas Karachentseva was driving under the influence

Супруга Николая Караченцева была за рулём под шафе

Became known new details of accident with Nicholas Karachentseva, his relative and a nurse. Earlier it was reported that their car has driven “the Gazelle”. From blow the car, which drove the artist, rolled over, and he Karachentsov has received a head injury. Now it became known that behind the wheel was the wife of Nicholas Lyudmila Porgina, which was in a state of mild alcoholic intoxication.

Media reported that in the blood of the spouse Karachentseva were detected 0.3 ppm of alcohol, and this is the equivalent of a mug of beer or glass of wine.
I must say that the witnesses of the accident who helped celebrities and others the victims leave the salon rammed the car, also reported the smell of alcohol present in the vehicle. But direct questions of journalists, whether she used alcohol before getting behind the wheel, Polina didn’t answer.
Immediately after hospitalization there was one trouble – the victim struck the nurse, conducted with some manipulation.
“Apparently, frustrating he was. Punched her in the stomach,” said her colleague.
Meanwhile, Nicholas Karachentseva was transferred to a regular ward from the Department of neurosurgical intensive care research Institute. Sklifosofskiy. Now he is in a state of moderate severity. His life is not in danger.