Ridley Scott unveiled a teaser trailer for the movie “Alien: Covenant”

Ридли Скотт представил трейлер фильма «Чужой: Завет»

In may of this year, Director Ridley Scott will introduce viewers to an indirect sequel to the film “Prometheus” is “Alien: the Covenant.”

In the film we will be shown the arrival of a spacecraft “Covenant” to a distant planet where you find a mysterious “Paradise”.

The crew of the “Testament” to understand what is this place, and also to understand what the creature and the horrors it hides.

“The path to Paradise begins in hell” — says the slogan of the picture that makes me the most horrible thoughts.
The film starred Michael Fassbender, noomi Rapace, James Franco, guy Pearce, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride and others

Please note that we’ll see Fassbender playing two characters: a team member is “Testament” and the Android David, who survived in the expedition of the Prometheus.