Супруга Джорджа Клуни показала округлившийся животик The choice of the actor for the first time appeared in public, intrigued the public of their possible pregnancy. Earlier in the Western press reported that Amal Clooney is expecting twins. Representatives of the star couple has not yet commented on the numerous speculation.

      Супруга Джорджа Клуни показала округлившийся животик

      George Clooney and his wife Amal give the impression of a perfect couple, despite all the rumors that circulated in the Western tabloids. In January, the media appeared information that in the family of Hollywood stars expected completion. According to journalists, Clooney’s fiancee is expecting twins. Representatives of the star couple did not comment on recent media information.

      Meanwhile, George and Amal also give more food for discussion. Lovers for a long time did not appear in the light, as if avoiding attention to itself. However, they recently attended the premiere of a picture “White helmets”, held in London. Reporters noticed that Amal Clooney tried to hide the rounded belly under a large dress decorated with floral print. The lawyer and her husband stayed relaxed and looked very happy.

      Note that the pregnancy rumors Amal Clooney went before, not once. Information about the planned addition to the family of the lawyer appears in the press with an enviable regularity. So, in January of last year, George Clooney spoke on the topic of pregnancy of his wife. The actor has denied numerous speculation when he was on the evening of the Good Money Gala in Australia. He also added that Amal has given much time to their work.

      However, in the summer of that year the news of the pregnancy of the wife of George Clooney was discussed again. In June, one Western tabloid has published an article which claimed that the birth and development of a child’s room will cost celebrities at one million dollars, and the godfather of the child would be one of the superstars of Hollywood.

      Note that Clooney and his wife rarely share details of his personal life with the public. Therefore, it is often the subject of tabloid speculation. According to one version, the actor wants a baby, and his wife is dead-set against. But there is another explanation for what is happening – some journalists are sure that everything is exactly the opposite, and that Amal dreams about the baby.

      Anyway, George Clooney never ceases to confess to his wife in love, and in October last year, the pair celebrated the second anniversary. The celebration of memorable dates took place in the home environment. “Everyone said our marriage would not last long. But we proved to them that they are wrong,” shared the actor with the journalists.