Pregnant Milan Kerzhakov out of myself because of the barrage of criticism

Беременная Милана Кержакова вышла из себя из-за шквала критики The player’s wife doesn’t understand what condemning her unknown to her people. The recent scandal with his ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov Catherine Safronova made Milan again to tell about the relationship of a boy with his biological mother. According to the current darling of the athlete, the woman makes no attempt to establish communication with your child.

      At the end of December last year there appeared information that former wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Catherine Safronova was discovered a white powder of unknown origin. The woman was detained by the police. However, the ex-wife of the athlete denied his guilt and said that doesn’t understand why her make any claim. Ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov was again detained

      According to the current lady Milana Kerzhakov, it still falls a barrage of criticism due to the fact that she has a son of her husband and his ex-wife Catherine. The wife of an athlete does not understand why people who don’t know the whole situation, jumping to conclusions and accusing her that she ostensibly prevents the meeting of a little boy with his biological parent.

      “I repeat once more right – our family can not do anything to affect that Igor’s mother burns his life and does not communicate with the child. And if she still decide to do it, refusing drugs, we will be happy. To this day we always, despite all the mud and slander that she Leela to my husband, was open to communication. I’m not mad and hold no grudges, to each God is the judge. Just don’t want to read his comments stupid lies from nothing to knowledgeable people, having read the yellow Newspapers” – wrote Kerzhakov in the microblog.

      Milan has published in social networks a screenshot of the article one of the publications. The text says that after a medical examination of the blood Catherine Safronova were found traces of the use of drugs. Kerzhakova it is not clear why the mother of the child she is now raising as his own, is a way of life and not interested in the boy.

      Members supported the wife of athlete and wonder why it is so critical, despite all the efforts to make the boy’s life happy. “When man is happy, he will not write an angry, judgmental comments! They write only losers and evil ignorant person!”, “You clever girl! And protect yourself from angry and those who know nothing about your life, trying to ruin it for you. Well, in a furnace! Rightly said, God will judge them. Health to you double”, “Milan, it makes no sense to post, you still will not hear, why succumb to provocations?! In your position it is necessary to isolate themselves from such provocateurs and think about the baby! God will judge them!” – supported the followers Kerzhakova.

      Now Alexander is growing up two children from a previous relationship – Dasha and Igor. And soon the family Kiriakovich expected completion – wife of football player Milan will give him the baby. Wife Kerzhakov: “Sasha really wants a baby”