Дочь Эльдара Рязанова обнародовала личную переписку отца The successor Director from his first marriage shared memories of the parent. Olga Ryazanova said on the letters that the movie star wrote to his wife Zoe St. Thomas. The woman told that Eldar are extremely respectful of your family and missed them when he was away from home.

      Дочь Эльдара Рязанова обнародовала личную переписку отца

      Olga Ryazanov, the daughter of the famous Director by his first wife, Zoe Thomas, fondly remembers his father. Woman grateful for a happy and carefree childhood. Eldar constantly pampered family nice gifts: clothes, rare books, interior items. In recognition of Olga, dad until the last day called her “baby” and “baby”.

      The only grandson of Eldar Ryazanov: “Grandpa, I’ll miss you…”

      Heir to the stars movie also told about how the father expressed his feelings to loved ones. Olga revealed details of personal correspondence by Eldar Ryazanov. In his touching and tender letters, the celebrity confessed his love to his wife and daughter and said he wanted a son and telling his wife to choose a name.

      “They started writing to each other, while still in College, in 1947, when apart, she interned at “Lenfilm”. These letters are saturated with erotica. Dad just died from love, not at first very divided. And all these feelings poured out on paper… I read the letters of parents when both of them were already dead. And I have a lot of questions that I now hardly find the answer,” says the Director’s daughter from his first marriage.
      Дочь Эльдара Рязанова обнародовала личную переписку отца

      We will remind that Olga was born in 1951, a year after the Directors Eldar Ryazanov and Zoya Fomina decided to register their relationship. According to the woman, her upbringing had been mostly involved grandma. The girl’s parents spent a lot of time on the job to their only child nothing needed. Maybe that’s why Eldar and Zoya Petrovna did not dare to have a son.

      In one of the other letters published by Olga Ryazanova, her father shares his experience of traveling in the country. When the Director worked at a documentary film Studio, he spent much time traveling and missed my family.

      “It is a pity that I don’t have a camera… Daughter a kiss for me many many times and accustom that somewhere in nature there is a father who will arrive in the fall. Firmly, firmly kissing you up and down, hugging. Your Elik,” wrote the Director.

      Its successor, the star of the movie is also touching called “dochenka-Sidarenka”. In addition, the man admitted that he is anxious to get home and tell amazing family stories that he heard from the local people.

      Eldar Ryazanov went with Zoya Fomina in the mid-70s, the Director is very painful going through a divorce with his wife. As reports the edition “7 days”, his last letter was the following phrase: “to Break up with you is like peeling their skin”.