Алла Пугачева о скандале: «Живем дальше» The diva urged fans to ignore the alarm. The actress posted on Twitter a short video in which filmed their Slippers and noted that there is no need to collect votes “in the Pugachev”.

      Yesterday in the Internet appeared the petition, which the author called for the revision of the broadcasting schedule in the new year’s eve. In particular, he proposed to Alla Pugacheva, who often starred in these shows. The published document could not stay unnoticed by fans of the Diva. The second day, the fans of Alla Pugacheva I vote that the star has continued to delight audiences with their performances.

      Alla said in his microblog that she was only flattered by such attention. The star it does not matter what the detractors. When Donna learned that her army of fans also staged a massive rally under the hashtag #mysapace, the artist decided to contact them. Alla Pugacheva said “remove” it from the air

      “Please don’t worry. No need to collect any signatures “for the Pugachev”, in fact the most ridiculous desire to please everyone. Some people like it, some don’t. Live on! Love you!”, – said the pop star, put up a short clip where she dangles her feet in pink Slippers.

      Fans praised Dolly parton for this post. They believe that the artist is completely right in their arguments. “A great woman! So true! Without too much arrogance on the situation”, “You’re the best!” “Negative criticism is also a kind of attention and she also needs to take place is another question, as to treat it? Do you think easy and irony is a wonderful thing”, “You are wonderful, talented, wise woman. Thank you for being there,” wrote the Diva followers.

      The petition, posted on one of the resources, the fans Pugacheva noted that this document should not be described as a response to the actions of ill-wishers.

      “With this petition we don’t want to engage in a debate “tastes” with our opponents, who expressed criticism, but we consider it necessary to draw your attention to the fact that there is a considerable group of people that is always excited Alla in programs, including new year’s,” explained the authors.

      By the way, rostovchanin, who organized a protest against Christmas ethers, is closely monitoring the situation and updates the text of his petition. He believes that the media misunderstood him, writing that he insists “clean” Pugachev from the ether. “In the petition text has never sounded this phrase. In the end, Igor Nikolaev, without reading the petition, launched a flash mob with the hashtag #mysapace and, of course, supported by all colleagues. It was a question of harassment, the forties, Soljenitsyne and Pasternak, about the letters of the workers, about the infamous petitions, the slander and denunciations. Well, at least some of them could come here and make sure that the petition is about something quite different?” – wrote man.