Коротко о главном: близкие Андрея Малахова открыли неизвестные факты о нем Stars congratulated the presenter of the program “Let them talk” and editor of “StarHit” with its 45th anniversary and told how he knows how to make friends. Many Andrew came to the rescue when they most needed it.

    Коротко о главном: близкие Андрея Малахова открыли неизвестные факты о нем

    Your anniversary we want to say, Andrew, we love you, Alexander Serov – to tears every day as the first. And maybe your friend Nikolai Baskov as a natural blond all over the country and this one, but you’re the best black, and other such no! Your friends agree with us.

    Closer to nowhere

    “Andrew is an amazing partner – shared TV presenter Yana Churikova. – When we put in a couple of news events I can be sure everything goes perfect. Remember how in 2009 I was seven months pregnant with Andrew, we ran a selection process for the Eurovision song contest. I was a Hippo and thirsty. Malakhov has noticed this and without being asked began to wear me bottles of water one after the other. And how gently he was holding me by the arm, helping to climb the stairs!..”

    Коротко о главном: близкие Андрея Малахова открыли неизвестные факты о нем

    Plastic surgeon Andrew iskornev told about the ability of the chief editor of “StarHit” to give a practical recommendation: “Everyone knows that Malakhov the chief follower of a healthy lifestyle. Three years ago he was in Switzerland, saw doctors after surgery patients are given useful spirulina. Andrew booked into my clinic a whole box of these algae. I did not know what to do with them. A few days later he called and asked how the acquaintance of the Moscow patients with spirulina, and I honestly threw up his hands. Andrew came to the clinic, put on his robe and started to tell people about all the healing properties of spirulina. It was a real performance, people looked at him with open mouths! Since then, we’ve included spirulina in the composition of proprietary mixtures Superfoods, which are recommended to clients after surgical procedures.”

    Коротко о главном: близкие Андрея Малахова открыли неизвестные факты о нем

    “Andrey, Andrey, Andrey Nikolayevich, chief, boss, colleague – as I just referred to, says another presenter Vyacheslav Manucharov. – I have the honour to be his godson in the profession, because once it led me to work on TV, introduced with the right and important people, including Konstantin Ernst. I’ve done a parody of Andrew. I remember once leaving the “Ostankino”, just 100 meters stopped by the traffic police. Requests to present law, I give him the document. He smiles and cheerfully to me: “Well, what are you, Andrei Malakhov, a break!” I laughed, and he let me go – so Andrew saved me from a fine.

    Andrei’re not 16 years old, not a boy, but we’ll see what form it is always smart, beautiful, always with a smile! Of course, on our TV he was No. 1 – was, is and will be”.
    Коротко о главном: близкие Андрея Малахова открыли неизвестные факты о нем


    And designer Katya Dobryakova thanks Malakhov became closer to Robbie Williams. “A month ago, Andrew flew to London for an interview with the singer – says Katya. – On the way to the airport calling me – they say, let’s give him something from your collection. I, of course, happily agreed, and he drove to my shop, where he personally selected the sweatshirt is from the brand “KATE DOBRЯKOVA”. The next day he sent me a video of how Williams performs in her concert in London.

    Коротко о главном: близкие Андрея Малахова открыли неизвестные факты о нем

    Love Malakhov is our family trait. My grandmother, Pelageya Petrovna, his number one fan. Last year he gave her a gift package of sweets. I brought her a present, but she doesn’t believe: “can’t be that it from the Malakhov!” When it dial the number and hang…

    Andrew congratulated her grandmother on the coming New year, wished health. She nearly wept and then all the neighbors have told me about the conversation. And they did not believe! Come next time, and grandma says, well, my main dream in life – Malakhov the handle to hold it. I took it and jokingly write it down in the video, sent to Andrew, and he told me in a minute sends: “Where?”

    But I stopped him – he said that he admired the easy-going, but to go through Moscow if his employment is too… Now every time you see him he asks me when I see my grandma, and recently recorded a video message for her: “Dear Pelageya Petrovna, I also can’t wait to meet you and hold your hand!” Grandma now chooses a dress, which will go on a date with the idol…”

    Director MAMI – Multimedia art Museum Olga Sviblova said that Andrey Malakhov has amazing spiritual qualities.

    “Andrey Malakhov – a uniquely talented and his gift is humanity, which would seem to be impossible to keep when it is loaded and popularity. All the programs he puts Soul, but the Soul he puts in every person confronts in his life. Never flaunted, he helps many of the characters Let them talk”, very targeted, very specific. He helps friends always and smoothly. I was lucky – I know Andrew 20 years and many times in difficult situations turned to him with a request for support. He did for our Museum auction to help children with cerebral palsy – and he brilliantly participated in it. He brought to the Museum the students of RSUH, because they wanted their cultural development by investing in each of them the most precious – time.

    In November the Museum celebrated its 20th anniversary. All the overlap – a flu epidemic crippled me and half the team hospitalized mother, mounting a complex exhibition of Eisenstein – and we must do the celebration and the jubilee auction. I – panic. One call Malakhov, and everything falls into place. Andrew arrived late in the evening from work, three hours helped to solve all problems lifted the mood calmed. And then had a fantastic holiday and our auction professional by telling about each artist, each work, as would any expert in contemporary art. He was ready, laid out and could just be a VIP guest.

    …I am proud that Andrew is a member of the Board of Trustees of our Museum. He really and effectively works. Any communication with him – the occasion. He knows how to joke, knowing and flowing through the entire tragicomedy of our existence, their participation in bringing to every specific situation in life positive, and common sense. Happy Birthday, love and treasure Andrey Malakhov! On the anniversary, you can confess your love…”