The Network launched a large-scale action in defense of Alla Pugacheva

В Сети запущена масштабная акция в защиту Аллы Пугачевой Fans and friends expressed his opinion about the ether with the Diva. Yesterday in the Internet appeared the petition, the text of which proposed to exclude the star from the Christmas gear. Many users are outraged by such attacks on Dolly parton and oppose initiatives of detractors.

      On the eve in the Network actively discussed the petition, created by Rostov. The man was asked to reconsider the scenarios of the Christmas broadcasts. In particular, he demanded that the programs no longer appeared Alla Pugacheva. The author of the document noted that “few people like to be at the table “guest Diva” at new year’s eve.

      Alla Pugacheva has decided to personally comment on the phenomenon. In his microblog pop star left a short post in which he noted that such attention only flatters. According to Diva, if people are talking about it, so life goes on. Alla Pugacheva said “remove” it from the air

      Friends and colleagues of Alla are unable to stay away. On the page in social networks Igor Nikolaev shared his picture with the band and in the legend expressed his position.

      “Somehow reminded of Yevgeny Yevtushenko: “You always spit, people, those who want what is good for you!” The best songs Alla always brought goodness and love, and, God willing, will bear still for a long time! Friends, just put hashtag #mysapace more often, and we hope to collect more than those who turns out to be against,” wrote the musician.

      After Igor Nikolayev in support of the prima Donna spoke to Philip, Aleksandr violent, Anastasia, Nikolay Baskov and many others. Their posts were accompanied by the hashtag #mysapace. According to many representatives of show business, to compete with Alla Borisovna few who can, since she’s talented and full of creative ideas.

      “Purposely chose a photo with no filters to my dnyuhu. For spiteful critics. The actress with these legs, with such brains, such charisma can (and should!) to go on stage all my life! Or, at least, as you wish,” said violent.

      Philip, who many times performed with Alla Borisovna Duo, was categorical in his post. The actor said that people don’t understand what exactly did Alla Pugacheva for the country.

      “What is it that is an abomination! Sits a man, a woman, an actress, a singer, no one touches, sings songs, does art, has thrilled millions of viewers and fans around the world for more than 40 years, and then all of a sudden, some evil stuff, some of mrazota organize an elaborate event and pours a bucket of shit! How is this possible? I’m not going to anything to call and say the words and thoughts of millions of fans in our country and around the world: simply let each of you turn on their brains, look in your soul and conscience, and remember, how did this great singer for country, each of us, in our souls and hearts was joy and happiness,” wrote the singer.

      Producer Joseph Prigogine believes that people who are dissatisfied esters with Diva, you can watch other broadcasts. “I can’t still understand why to organize a swing against Alla Pugacheva? In our country a huge number of channels, to watch those who don’t like it. We all have a choice,in the end, there is the Internet and many other sources to entertain themselves. People who oppose what they offer in return? Of course, we can try to replace the “Irony of fate or with light steam”, but it is not very good,” said the husband of Valeria.

      Many fans Pugacheva, who spoke in support, noted that not only is she a talented singer, but also a man who is willing to help the needy in difficult situations. In fan communities, Diva remembered how she saved children and support families. Nephew of Alla Pugacheva: “Without her I wouldn’t have survived!”

      Besides, people have decided to create a second petition. It sign Internet-users who want the Diva continued to delight the audience of the Federal TV with their performances. Alla Pugacheva about the scandal: “Live more”

      “Alla Pugacheva – the brightest personality of our time, beloved by millions of people the singer, her work has become a national treasure. Today the leading print media regularly put news about Alla, on the front page, messages in the electronic media has consistently come in the top, in all social networks, an increasing number of communities dedicated to the life and work of Alla, which is a clear confirmation of the interest of the audience to the singer on the background of this requirement in the spirit of “clean air” look simply ridiculous improvement” – the text appeared the night before on the Network.