Супруга Джорджа Клуни встречается с фанатами за деньги
Amal Clooney has become a real celebrity.

George and Amal Clooney

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became recently
you know, in the near future, many fans of Amal Clooney will appear
a great opportunity to have a close encounter with his idol. But it will cost
not cheap. For the right to drink with her a Cup of coffee and take photos
the memory will have to pay two thousand two hundred dollars!

Incidentally, this is
not the first case when the wife of Clooney out large sums in this way.
So, in April of this year, George sold at auction the right to have dinner with him and his
wife in their own home. And for that honor, the winner of the auction had
put as many as 44 thousand dollars! However, the money the couple Clooney, of course
also, do not let on your pocket money and give to charity.

Since then, as Amal
Alamuddin married Hollywood film star George Clooney, she is constantly
located in the centre of everyone’s attention. During the half year that passed since its
the wedding, she had herself become a celebrity. Moreover, not only by marriage,
but thanks to several high-profile cases that she had to do in
through its attorney under international law. The popularity of Amal, of course
well, a lot was helped by the fact that she managed to become an icon
style. For each new toilet in
which Mrs. Clooney appears in public, it becomes the object of universal
discussion and admiration. It is this effect produced, for example, brilliant appearance Amal in formal black dress from Yves
Saint Laurent at the premiere of the film with her husband — “hail Caesar!”

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