Дети Анджелины Джоли переживают из-за ссор родителей
The complicated relationship of the actress with her husband reflected on the “climate” in the family.

Дети Анджелины Джоли переживают из-за ссор родителей

Brad pitt with children

Photo: Splash News/East news

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Splash News/East news

The last few months around the married life of Angelina
Jolie and brad pitt appears increasingly unhappy rumors. Hollywood actress now
a really difficult period. Back in November of last year, Jolie admitted to The Telegraph,
lately, she and brad really frequent quarrels. Now
it became known that the quarrel of the spouses has managed to exert great influence on their six children.

According to Parent
Herald, the complex relationship of Angelina and brad is very upset with the young members of their
family. Reporters argue that the last time the couple, because of its large
employment, children pay little attention. And in those rare moments when they are most
family, Jolie and pitt did not hesitate presence of Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, pax, Knox and Vivienne, fight.
It happens, probably mostly because of the atmosphere of jealousy that prevails in
the house Hollywood stars. So brad during the filming of the film “5 seconds of silence
attributed to more than one affair. As for Angelina, it is rumored, all of a sudden
became more attracted to the political arena than taking care of the family. Children of the spouses,
according to the statement of the reporters, very concerned about parents hanging over them the threat

Another reason complicating
the relationship of Jolie and pitt, is the health of the actress, which continues frighteningly rapidly
to lose weight. Recently, even in the press flashed reports that brad
delivered an ultimatum to angelina or she turns for help to the doctor or
he leaves the family. The fact that the family is not too well,
indicates another indirect confirmation. Angelina and brad, who first
were inseparable for quite some time ceased to appear together on secular

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