Сними меня, фотограф: звезды на презентации смартфонов Huawei

Russian celebrities presented their works at the photo exhibition, organized in honor of the launch of the flagship smartphone Huawei P9 and P9 Plus.

The other day in a historic manor House Smirnova was a conceptual exhibition of the photographs of Russian celebrities. The reason for holding the event in such an unusual format was the presentation of the new flagship smartphone Huawei P9 and P9 Plus is that the brand Huawei released together with the legendary German camera brand Leica. Needless to say that gadgets have become a powerful built-in camera that can compete in quality even with professional equipment. Participation in the project took the star lovers of digital technologies, including the singer Yuliana Karaulova, the photographer Sasha Levin, Yekaterina Novikova and Alexander Chernov, model mezenova Ekaterina, bloggers Eugenia linovich and Lily brown, radio host and traveler Alexander Bunin and many others.

The culmination of the evening was a public talk with two of the world’s photojournalists and the only Pulitzer prize winners Alexander, Zemlianichenko and Sergey Ponomarev. Professionals shared with the participants the secrets of creating a successful shot. Inspired by the speech of the journalists, the guests went to the special photo zone, where he experienced all features of the camera Huawei P9 and tried themselves in the role models.

In front of the cameras of photographers this evening also posed Nadia Handle, Zhenya Malakhov, Alexander Rogov, Mitya Fomin, Evelina Bledans, Polina Askeri, Ekaterina Drobysh, Lisa Arzamasova and many others.

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