Not again and again: Volochkova in the splits on the roof of the limo

Не опять, а снова: Волочкова на шпагате на крыше лимузина

The ballerina showed the fans and journalists the new twine. This in her repertoire.

It seems that Anastasia was determined to get into the Guinness Book of records. Twine on the beach is no surprise, so she started up the vehicle. Previously, the celebrity was photographed on the yacht, Canoeing, and now on the roof of the limo…

Now the ballerina is on a tour in Russian cities, today, she goes from Kuvandyk, what is very sad. City Anastasia liked, especially the local baths, where the star is, of course, took a picture, just hiding behind a birch broom. To leave Volochkova’t like it, and, apparently, to somehow sweeten the bitter pill of parting, she sat down on the twine. On the roof of a white limo.

“So sorry to leave this beautiful place, but I went to Mednogorsk. Today’s our concert. My legs, of course, not as long as that limo… But still,” wrote the star and went (I hope that still inside the machine, and not on the roof) to another city.

Fans Volochkova immediately began to chant in social networks: “well done Anastasia! Let’s thespaghetti all places in the world!”

By the way, we think that the idea is not so bad. A couple of hundreds of splits in the most exotic places – and voila, a Russian ballet dancer will be in the record books! And while we wait for twine from Mednogorsk.

By the way!

Recently Anastasia Volochkova said that she was going to write a book.

“I met today with the CEO of the house books with the Hope Mikhailova and editor-in-chief “the Moscow truth” Shoda by Mulajanov. Discussed the release of my new book”, she shared in his microblog.

To a dancer going from scratch. The book will be a re-release of her autobiography “the History of Russian ballerina”, released in 2009. Read more HERE.

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