Игорь Верник вышел на сцену МХТ в новом качестве
The actor officially became a people’s artist.

Igor Vernik

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Actor Igor Vernik today I received “real” evidence that he became a people’s artist of Russia. Title awarded to Igor at the end of March. And today at the Bolshoi theatre, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky presented the Igor gold plated badge. Then Igor hurried to his home theater — the Moscow art theatre.Chekhov together with Renata Litvinova to play in the play “witness for the prosecution”. Together with Igor was awarded and his colleagues in the theatre: the order of Honor was awarded to Natalia Jurassic (“), and diplomas of the President Boris Plotnikov.

The title “people’s artist of the Russian Federation also received the actor of the Maly theater
Vladimir Nosik and artist theater. Vahtangova Marina Esipenko. A “people’s artist” was the author of the Olympic Bear, graphic artist Viktor Chizhikov, and screenwriter Alexander Adabashyan — “the Honored worker of arts
The Russian Federation”.

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