Жена Андрея Аршавина продает свадебное платье за 220 тысяч Alice decided to part with one of her wedding outfits. The player’s wife thoroughly prepared for the wedding by choosing three dresses designer Alina Herman. One of them will be sold through the online store.

      Жена Андрея Аршавина продает свадебное платье за 220 тысяч

      Andrew and Alice were married on the first day of autumn. Despite the fact that the triumph was celebrated by a narrow circle, the bride prepared for the event responsibly.

      Andrey Arshavin married to a sweetheart

      “Alice – my favorite client, since we met. Time before the event this time was running out, but difficulties have arisen. She is a person with an artistic sense of style and knows what suits her, what she wants, clearly makes decisions – says “StarHit” the outfit designer Alina Herman. Since Andrew plays in another country, his wife was constantly in flight. So fitting we started a couple. In fact, dresses made three: two silk and one of the expensive crease-resistant cotton with tassels handmade. In addition to Alice, I made a crown, a tiara with silver petals, drops of Swarovski crystals.

      Leaving the collection two outfit, Alice Arshavin with the third decided to leave and put it up for sale in the online store over 220 thousand rubles.

      “It went on sale on September 6 and are waiting for a new owner – I say “StarHit” sellers. – The thing is in perfect condition. And nothing wrong with that – why the girl clothes she would never wear?”

      After marriage, how to write “StarHit”, Andrew and Alice Arshavin went to rest in Sochi. Relax a few days on the beach, they returned to normal life. The athlete flew off to play for Kairat, and his wife in the Northern capital, to control your son, daughter classes and the fixation of the family home. In St. Petersburg woman stood on the account in the best maternity hospital in the city.

      “She’s a responsible mommy, executes all instructions unconditionally. During this period, she needs to appear once in 2-3 weeks, which she regularly does – say “StarHit” in the registry of enterprises. – This is her third pregnancy, and she brings her smooth, calm, we can say, very good.”