Пирс Броснан помешает семейной идиллии Кейт Бекинсейл и Джеффа Бриджеса

American film Director and music video Director, known for his work on the romantic Comedy “500 days of summer”, as well as working on two movies of restarting the franchise of spider-Man — New spider-Man and New spider-Man, Marc Webb is again ready to stand at the helm of creating a new project. This time filmmaker tells the story of “Only living boy in new York”.

The author of the script is assigned to Allan’s Forehead ( “Pretend my wife”, “wall street: Money never sleeps”).

Starring in the film will perform Kate beckinsale, Jeff bridges, Callum Turner and kersee Clemons. Today confirmed the participation in the project ex-James bond Pierce Brosnan.

The shooting of “the Only living boy in new York” is supposed to start next month.

Premiere date not yet assigned.