Дмитрий Шепелев удивил сменой имиджа The leader of the program “property of Republic” appeared on the screen in a new way. The show was dedicated to the honored artist of Russia Larisa Dolina. However, in addition to the heroine’s release, General attention was attracted by Dmitry Shepelev, who hardly recognized the fans.

      Дмитрий Шепелев удивил сменой имиджа

      On the eve aired the program “Dostoyanie Respubliki”, the undisputed top of which are Yuri Nikolaev and Dmitry Shepelev. The program was devoted to Russian singer Larisa Dolina. During the show, came on stage Nyusha, Lolita, Hibla Gerzmava, Olga Kormukhina, Julia Nachalova, a group “A‑Studio” and many others who performed songs of the honored artist.

      Watching the broadcast could not fail to notice dramatic changes in the image of Dmitry Shepelev. The TV host appeared in the new season in with horn-rimmed glasses and a trendy haircut. Fans noted that Shepelev also lost the beard. Judging by the sight of Dmitry, he had a great summer and went back to work full of strength and energy.

      Recall that the presenter spent a vacation together with his son Plato on the coast. Shepelev shared in his microblog impressions of the rest and pictures of beautiful nature coast. Fans have been waiting for photos of Dmitry together with the heir, but he preferred to hide the face of a grown boy.

      By the way, in the summer there were rumors that this season the program “property of Republic” will not be Dmitry Shepelev. It was rumored that the guide channel has decided to terminate his contract. However, the transmission reassured viewers. “Dmitry Shepelev remains employed and continues to work in the team of the First channel. The program “property of Republic” is not closed, she went out and will be aired as the emergence of interesting reasons. For example, once the filming was a pause and a half years, and then they again resumed. In the new television season, without a doubt, there will be new editions of a musical show, and as usual, to lead them will be Yuri Nikolaev and Dmitry Shepelev”, – stated in the crew.

      The heroine of the new program Larisa Dolina has told on air about how he worked with various famous composers, and also explained how she had been taught to sing the “Weather in the house”. According to the artist, she had to “play dumb” to get into character. By the way, this song was recognized as the best by results of voting of the viewers and the spectators present in the Studio.