Виктория Дайнеко шокирована ценами на детские сады в столице Daughter of stars at the beginning of October will be a year. Victoria Dayneko started to think about how to place the child in institution for kids. The singer has analyzed the prices and came to the conclusion that it is cheaper to study in a prestigious school than to pay for the maintenance of the child in a private kindergarten.

      October 3 will be exactly a year since the famous singer Victoria Daineko first became a mother. The singer gave her husband Dmitry Kleiman daughter. Star carefully protect their family life from prying eyes. For the year she never showed fans a photo of the heiress and not said what name she gave the baby. However, periodically, the singer tells details of motherhood and shares her worries and doubts about the baby. Cheryl Cole is struggling with illness daughter

      Apparently, Cheryl Cole has decided that it is time to think about the early development of the daughter and that to find her a facility where classes for the little ones.

      In search of the children’s centre, Victoria Daineko promonitorila prices for private nurseries and was shocked by the cost of their services. According to the singer, today it is cheaper to pay for the child’s education at a prestigious University than keeping a kid in kindergarten.

      “I once thought that MGIMO is expensive. Then he learned that the kindergarten (private and generally not the best) in a year is twice more expensive”, – wrote Cheryl Cole in the microblog.

      After reading this post singer, some fans began to advise her not to choose private and public kindergarten, believing that there is greater control and more order and acceptable fee. Others recommend not to place the child in kindergarten, and involved in its development and socialization with the help of peripatetic teachers or simply to drive her out for special classes. “I do think that in kindergartens one infection. Whether private or public – responded to comments praise. – But the educational sessions is another matter. The same socialization and children with signs of illness are not allowed there”.

      It is worth noting that the birth of his daughter has changed completely the life of the singer – now the actress tries to spend time not yourself or husband Dmitry Kleiman, and the care and upbringing of the successor. But, however, Victoria did not take maternity leave – after less than a month after giving birth she returned to the stage, and then even became for a while to go to performances in other cities.